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Google Panda 4.0 Is Working

Monday, we saw Matt Cutts offer this tweet: Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today. — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 20, 2014 There was some blather about imminent updates happening at Google, but we’ve gotten so used to no big announcements about Panda or Penguin that this one was a tad surprising […]


The State of SEO in 2014

I haven’t written here in some time. Used to be that I could quit working at my job at 5 p.m. and then, write a blog post about something SEO or marketing. But when you no longer have a j-o-b (which is great, thank you very much), you really don’t have set hours. I like […]


Three Important Keyword Research Strategies

This guest post from my friend, Ness, talks about keyword research. I just wrote a post for the SEMRush blog that pretty much indicates that keywords are going away. And yet, we can’t get away from using them still. The article explains why. But… Do you know how to perform keyword research properly? Improve Your […]


Sheer SEO: A World of SEO Amazing

From time to time, I’m asked to evaluate SEO websites.  I try to do it when I have the time because often, I stumble upon great new tools to implement in my business.  A couple of weeks back, Roy B. from Sheer SEO sent an email and asked me to check out their site. I’ve […]

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New Panda and Penguin Web Spam Updates Imminent

During an SMX  West panel this week, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, said that we’re going to have a “large Penguin update” in 2013.  Previously, we had one in May 2012 and one in October, and each targeted different aspects of what Google considers to be Web spam. One of the BIG […]


301 Redirects Don’t Dilute Page Rank

Thought this was important. For a while now, some of the well-known SEOs have been saying that when you redirect a page with a 301, or permanent redirect, that the page rank passed to the page at the other end is diluted. Untrue. Here’s Matt Cutts to explain why:   Another SEO myth busted. Redirect […]


Google Updated Panda Again

New Panda data refresh rolling out today: 1.2% of English queries affected. Background: — A Googler (@google) January 22, 2013 The link leads to Amit Singhal’s “More Guidance on Building Quality Sites” on the Google Webmaster Central blog. If you haven’t read the article, do. It explains exactly what Google is looking for. If […]