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301 Redirects Don’t Dilute Page Rank

Thought this was important. For a while now, some of the well-known SEOs have been saying that when you redirect a page with a 301, or permanent redirect, that the page rank passed to the page at the other end is diluted. Untrue. Here’s Matt Cutts to explain why:   Another SEO myth busted. Redirect […]


Should You Rel=Nofollow to Pages in Your Own Website?

There are two types of link to search engine spiders. One is the “do follow” link that allows spiders to follow the link and go to the site the link is pointing toward.  These are the best kind of links to have, especially if the link is one-way, meaning the link points only in one […]


Google Updates PageRank Toolbar

Google did another PageRank™ update last week — the first update since May 2012. From what I saw in Twitter discussions, lots of people are happy, but there are a few who are… well, not so much. What people are noticing is that the newest update seems to be somewhat dependent on the “freshness” of your […]


Free Directories Might Be Toast, You Say?

Last week, Navneet Kaushal published an article at, entitled “Google De-Indexing Free Directories,” saying that the new Google updates  may have made free web directories toast. The information came from Terry Van Horne of Search News Central, who says he tried 500 directories, and all were gone. Navneet cited an example he tried of […]

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What Did Google Turn Off in Panda 3.4?

Since the activation of the Google 3.4 algorithm filter last month, SEOs all over the Internet have been speculating on the ranking factor(s) that Google claims to have turned off. The most popular idea is that of  Page Rank. Google has been telling webmasters for years that Page Rank isn’t the be all and end […]

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Why Anchor Text Matters More Than Ever Before

You know what anchor text is, right? Any hyperlinked word or phrase is anchor text, and it can be on your own site or on a site that points back to yours. The anchor text can be your keyword phrase, your name (as often happens with a blog comment), or it can be as simple […]

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Google Panda 3.4 Updates Roll Over Blog Networks

I had a feeling this day would come, and Google lowered the Panda boom on Friday, March 23. Late in the day, Google tweeted: “Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected.” To Google, this means it was a minor change. To those of you working with blog networks, it may have […]

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