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New Panda and Penguin Web Spam Updates Imminent

During an SMX  West panel this week, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, said that we’re going to have a “large Penguin update” in 2013.  Previously, we had one in May 2012 and one in October, and each targeted different aspects of what Google considers to be Web spam. One of the BIG […]


301 Redirects Don’t Dilute Page Rank

Thought this was important. For a while now, some of the well-known SEOs have been saying that when you redirect a page with a 301, or permanent redirect, that the page rank passed to the page at the other end is diluted. Untrue. Here’s Matt Cutts to explain why:   Another SEO myth busted. Redirect […]


Should You Rel=Nofollow to Pages in Your Own Website?

There are two types of link to search engine spiders. One is the “do follow” link that allows spiders to follow the link and go to the site the link is pointing toward.  These are the best kind of links to have, especially if the link is one-way, meaning the link points only in one […]


Google: Authorship May Have More Impact than +1

Last week during a Google Hangout, Matt Cutts mentioned that the +1 button may have less of an impact than “authorship.” We all know that the +1 button is to Google Plus as the “Like” button is to Facebook, right? Well, since the day Google Plus opened, Google has been hinting that there is a […]


Cutts: “NoFollow Links Are a Small Percentage of Links on the Web”

So, according to Matt Cutts, the Web is SOOOOO vast, that “nofollow” links are just a very small percentage of links on the Internet. OK, that makes some sense. Think about it. Where do most of them crop up? On blogs, right, since WordPress in their infinite wisdom made links “nofollow” by default, which SUCKS. […]


Frustrating Google News

The Web has been abuzz with the Google news and their newest algorithmic applications —  Panda and Penguin. Panda’s been around a while, and some sites overcame overwhelming obstacles to regain their rankings. Look at, for example, that moved all of its pages into sub-domains for each of its users. But sites like Digg, […]

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Introducing “Google Webmaster Academy”

Last Tuesday (May 22, 2012), Google announced at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that it had opened a new service, geared for folks wanting to get better at optimizing their sites for search. Google Webmaster Academy says, ” Our goal is to help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.” […]

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