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Markup Language According to Its Purpose

Markup Language: What is it? Merriam Webster say that “Markup language (such as HTML or HTML5) is “a system for marking or tagging a document to indicate its logical structure, and gives instructions for its layout on the page especially for electronic transmission and display.” Simply put, markup language is the code you write to […]

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Are You Tag Spamming?

Are you tag spamming? This video is about tagging video, but their advice is great for blog posts, too. Check this out: So, don’t go nuts. Use the primary keyword tag, for sure, and use it in your title, description, and in your tags, but don’t go nuts. Use a few tags that make sense, […]


What Meta Tags Are Important?

I’ve been telling you about Meta tags for years, and that title and description are vital for even basic SEO, but… here’s Matt Cutts with some great information about your Description tag: Here’s the link he mentioned: What I found interesting in their example was that the <title> tag wasn’t first after the <head> […]


Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Learn how to test whether your rich-snippet markup is working in this short video from Google.


Structured MicroData Increases CTRs by 30%

Through the use of rich snippets and microdata, search engines want us to use coding that makes what we’re trying to convey more apparent to search spiders and the results are positive.


HTML 5: Are You Hip Yet?

Things are changing, my friends. A while back I wrote about, the collaboration among search engines to try and standardize code vocabulary. Some web developers are using it, while others are stuck in the old HTML ways of the past. It’s probably time to move on. Microdata can help you in big ways, such […]