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Four Hot Tips for A/B Testing

Something that many of my clients neglected before I came along was testing. They didn’t have any idea how to accomplish it, or even that it was important. Yet, when I explain the benefits of testing to them, they’re all about learning more and fast! Why? Because testing = more money. That’s it! You should […]


5 Hard-and-Fast Rules of Networking

Networking is just as important online as it is offline, and many marketers just don’t get that. They never go to live conferences where they can meet people. They just sit at their computer thinking they can go it alone. You gotta have friends. After almost 10 years in this business, I can unequivocally say […]


Are We Human, Or Are We Growth Hackers?

Yes, reference to the Killers’ “Human,” of course. Amazing band, but… Do you know what growth hackers are? I just read about the term and thought I’d share. Put simply, growth hackers are people who understand coding and marketing. So, instead of a “marketing manager,” you’d have this person who not only knows marketing, but […]


Too Many Ads Above the Fold?

Remember earlier this year when I mentioned that Google was looking at sites with too much stuff above the content, so that people had to scroll down before they found it? That’s what we term “above the fold,” and it hankers back to print newspapers. If I wrote an article and it was “above the […]


SEO News: Zappos PinPointing and Analytics Shortcuts

Usually, I concentrate on one tidbit in SEO News for you each day, but today, I’ve found two things to discuss with you. I can’t make a whole post out of either of them, so let’s talk about both. First, as an aside to SEO News, Zappos, as you probably know, is a GIANT online […]


SEMRush GEO: FInd Clients Already Spending

If you use SEMRush, you know that it’s pretty darned bomb. A few months back, I told you about a feature that allowed you to check other sites’ backlinks. I have found this feature of the site extremely useful when evaluating my client’s link profile and those of their competitors. But we all know, too, […]

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