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SEO for Pages with Alternate Languages

I don’t have my site optimized for more languages than English, but some businesses have a need to translate their pages into alternate languages to serve their customers better. For example, Canadians may want English and French translations. Or, if you’re selling products in Scandinavia, you might want to have your page translated into Norwegian, […]


Schema.Org Micro Data for E-Commerce

As I mentioned in a previous article, I’ve been working with e-commerce clients, who have online stores. Problem is, most of them are using templated stores, which allow little HTML alteration in terms of micro data. It’s a real shame because if you use conventions, you can be much more specific about what your […]


SEMRush Comes Out with a Cool New Widget

Where does your website stand when compared to its top competitors? SEMRush has a new widget that will tell them just that.  Easily installable with a single line of HTML, the widget gives the potential client a report on traffic, their sites’ competitors traffic, and information about their paid search buying habits. Kerin Foster, spokesperson […]


Markup Language According to Its Purpose

Markup Language: What is it? Merriam Webster say that “Markup language (such as HTML or HTML5) is “a system for marking or tagging a document to indicate its logical structure, and gives instructions for its layout on the page especially for electronic transmission and display.” Simply put, markup language is the code you write to […]

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Introducing Twitter Cards

I don’t spend as much time on Twitter as I did way back when. There’s so much noise to signal these days that I’d rather spend time making friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google where I can type more than 140 characters. I’m guessing that if you have a few friends, it’s still fun. I […]

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WordPress: How to Discern a Theme

Have you ever been to a website and thought it looked bomb? You want your site to look the same way or very similar, but you’re not sure how to duplicate the effect. Well… If it’s a WordPress site, it’s simple enough to figure out.  You simply need to pull up the source code and […]


Are You Tag Spamming?

Are you tag spamming? This video is about tagging video, but their advice is great for blog posts, too. Check this out: So, don’t go nuts. Use the primary keyword tag, for sure, and use it in your title, description, and in your tags, but don’t go nuts. Use a few tags that make sense, […]


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