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Social Traffic Fun

Did you see TechCrunch’s tweet yesterday about social traffic overpowering search traffic? Report: Pinterest Beats Yahoo Organic Traffic, Making It 4th Largest Traffic Driver Worldwide by @sarahintampa — TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) September 6, 2012 Not good for Yahoo, of course. It’s continuing in its downward spiral. But it’s awesome for Pinterest. Last week, I read […]


SEO News: Zappos PinPointing and Analytics Shortcuts

Usually, I concentrate on one tidbit in SEO News for you each day, but today, I’ve found two things to discuss with you. I can’t make a whole post out of either of them, so let’s talk about both. First, as an aside to SEO News, Zappos, as you probably know, is a GIANT online […]


Google Webmaster Tools Not Matching Anlytics?

Google has given us some great SEO tools that we’re able to use for free. In that respect, Google is still pretty cool. Not a day goes by that I’m not checking Google Webmaster Tools and/or Analytics for my own site or for those of my regular clients. I was discussing bounce rate with one […]


Adjusted Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

As you may know, I’ve been studying bounce rate and how Google determines when a user actually bounces and what they do to us with the information. It used to be that if a visitor looked at only one page of your website and left, it was recorded as a “bounce.” The bounce rate was […]


Using Multivariate Testing to Effectively Increase Conversion Rates

I have a post for you today from my friend, Ruben Corbo. In it, he’s going to discuss multivariate testing. You may have also heard of this type of testing referred to as Taguchi testing, and you may even have seen it in Google Analytics (formerly in AdWords) as “Website Optimizer.”  This type of testing […]


Using Funnels in Google Analytics

Yes, I know… I’m a day late. Mea culpa. But I have a great video for you today, about Google Analytics. Most of the marketers I know who are in any way savvy use Google Analytics. I use it, and if you’re not using this very powerful tracking tool, which is soon to become a […]


Google Analytics – Getting Your Social Backlinks

A couple of weeks back, I outlined what Google Analytics new Social Marketing tab worked. Well… Did you know that you can find out all kinds of cool information there? You can! Yay! Check this out: When you go to your left-hand nav panel, you’ll see “Social,” which lives under “Traffic Sources.” When you click […]

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