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6 Tips for Improving Your Link Building Campaign

This week, we have a post from my friend Dan Chaney about link building. I hope you’re doing that, as it’s still important to search.  There are ways to do it that are better than others, and in this article, Dan has some really great tips: 6 Tips for Improving Your Link Building Campaign Due […]


Good Links; Bad Links?

I just finished commenting on a post over at WebProNews’ forum. A woman there said that an “SEO” told her that she had links that were hurting her with Google. Now, get this: One link was from McAfee, where she listed her business site. He said that was a bad link and she should get […]


How to Deny UpDowner Backlinks

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I’m pretty pissed about UpDowner backlinks to my website, which could be a reason that I’ve lost so much traffic coming from search. I posted the article on Google + today, and got a response from my friend David Frosdick: “They have totally bashed one of […]

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Too Much Keyword-Laced Anchor Text Can Hurt You

I used to sell links on my blog through Text-Link-Ads (TLA), but well… Google smacked me down when the whole paid link thing became an anathema and I was penalized for two years. DO NOT buy or sell text links on your website, if you want that amazing organic traffic. But, I still get email […]

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Since Google has cracked down on linking over the past year or so, more and more folks are relying on guest posting on other people’s blogs for backlinks. You probably noticed that I published a guest post yesterday, and was glad to have it. It was well-written, about my niche, and unique to the Internet. […]

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Google’s New Patent on Ranking Blog Posts

A new Google patent was approved on February 14, 2012. What does it mean for blogs? Check this out…


Pinterest: Have You Arrived?

Pinterest is rapidly becoming a craze, just like Twitter and Facebook. Do you know how to use it for marketing? No? Well, sign up first, and follow these ideas second.