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Four Hot Tips for A/B Testing

Something that many of my clients neglected before I came along was testing. They didn’t have any idea how to accomplish it, or even that it was important. Yet, when I explain the benefits of testing to them, they’re all about learning more and fast! Why? Because testing = more money. That’s it! You should […]


Which Test Won? Do You Care?

I’m a fan of Which Test Won emails, which are sent out every Tuesday from Ann Holland’s Ventures, Inc. Each week, the email asks you to test your marketing brain on an A/B split test. One small change is made to a website and you have to see if you can guess which version of […]


Long-Term A/B Testing Could Affect Your Search Rankings

If you’re online to make money, you should be testing — one way or another. One of the popular ways to test is with A/B testing because it’s really easy to set up. You make one version of your page, but in a second version, you change ONE aspect of that page, such as its […]


Using Multivariate Testing to Effectively Increase Conversion Rates

I have a post for you today from my friend, Ruben Corbo. In it, he’s going to discuss multivariate testing. You may have also heard of this type of testing referred to as Taguchi testing, and you may even have seen it in Google Analytics (formerly in AdWords) as “Website Optimizer.”  This type of testing […]


Testing Is Critical to Your Success

How much of your day do you spend setting up new tests? None! What? You’re kidding right? Listen, if you’re not at least split testing headlines, you’re missing out on lots of sales. Actually, I’d much rather see you testing more than just the headline, but it’s a starting place. You can set up a […]