SEO: Google Giving the Smackdown to Directories?

Over at Sphinn, there’s a post about Google giving directories the smackdown, manually. There’s a lot of conjecture over the what’s and whys but it appears that either Google is looking at some directories as linking farms, or that someone is manually putting in a bunch of spam complaints about certain directories to eliminate the competition.

Whatever is happening is pretty interesting.

I have a couple of paid links on my site. Got them before May when Google decided that it plain DID NOT like paid links, and gave everyone the smackdown for them. This blog went from a PR4 to a PR3. Now that I still have them, I’ll probably be a PR zero, owing to those and the facts that my blog lost all its posts.

Oh well…

Are the paid links worth it? Probably not. Can I get rid of them? Not until they decide to get rid of me. So, am I going to worry about it?


Let Google do what it will. I respect and admire the engineers there for doing such a good job of keeping search results clean, but they’re making it harder and harder for business to have any kind of edge. In fact, it’s almost as if Google hates business.

Someone should start a search engine for online marketing… Hmm… Wish I knew how. 🙂

Not Building a List? You’re Destined to Failllllllllllll…

SEO: Constant Study Required

I’m always trying to soak up the latest and greatest SEO information possible. I go over to Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn and check things out, and there’s always the Stomper Net portal. Whoa. And I’ve been checking out the Nancy Andrews videos, and on and on… The study of SEO never stops, which is another reason I enjoy it. There is always something new to learn.

One of my favorite newsletters comes from SEO Jill Whalen, over at, who’s been doing this for 12 years. I have to bow to her experience, and think she’s pretty smart. In her last newsletter, she made this observation:

“The most important aspect to being a good SEO is creativity. You shouldn’t worry too much about the specifics of putting keyword phrases here and there, and again over there. Not every page needs an H1 heading with keyword phrases in it. If your page isn’t designed to use H1 headings, you don’t need to change it to use one just for SEO purposes. And many images don’t really and truly make sense with a keyword phrase in their alt attribute (alt tag). Don’t force one to be there just for the search engines.”

I think she’s right. I have targeted several different keyword phrases, all having to do with ADD or ADHD for and we’re getting more and more traffic every week. And we’re #1 for list building at Google for Tellman’s List Building Blog. It’s pretty incredible how good content works, eh? I mean, I know what my keyword is, and I write the content with the keywords in mind. When I’m finished there’s no doubt what the article is about. But my main thrust is making sure that any article I write seems natural and that the content is worth reading.

Anyway, I have to agree with Jill Whalen. It’s not about the tags, it’s not about the linking. That was so… yesterday.

Write great articles and the search engines will come.

Provide some interesting video.

Get some pictures going.

Search engines are out to beat SEO manipulation of the search results. And who else but Google leads the pack? But, there will still be SEO, and we’ll still be figuring out how to make our sites rank. I think it’s more about being a writer now than ever.

Good for me.

But it’s really about multi-media. Google wants the whole experience for its users. Universal Search is coming. Now, we have to figure out how to provide what Google wants in just the right way–again.

We will. “-)

Learn how to write articles and use them to get on top at Google.

My Sad Tale of Woe

OK, so like…

I’m not getting email from one of my inboxes. I’m wondering why, as it’s on the same server as others that work fine, so I go to my cPanel account and BOING! I can’t log in. Instantly, I understand what happened. My friend, the hacker is back.

Now, I’m wondering why.

And I assume it’s a) because I dissed a crooked company and they sicced this idiot on me (and if you read my blog in the past, you’ll know which company I mean or b) it’s another jerk who hacked into my server before and stuck up a bunch of phishing sites that I promptly removed or c) it’s some other ass who I turned in for spamming that lost his/her ISP account.

I do go around winning friends and influencing people, don’t you know? LOL AS if.

But I get a little bent out of shape when a company I’ve recommended to people turns out to be a bunch of crooks or when someone tries to use my site for nefarious purposes or spams a bunch of people using my domains.

I mean, wouldn’t you?

So, here I am. Starting all over at post 2, when I had a good 160+ posts of questionable wisdom nuked. No, I didn’t bother to back my blog up. Well, really, I did but it was about a year ago and oh well…

I figure it this way:

I’ve learned a LOT in the past 12 months. We’re talking a whole MBA-type learning. So, perhaps my questionable pearls weren’t so lustrous. Perhaps this is my opportunity to redeem myself from those newbie posts and start over.

At least, I have to tell myself that and look at it that way, or I’ll go mad.

I’m already that.

OK, so I’ll go stark, raving mad. That would be an enhancement.

I’ll leave y’all at that and promise to bring back tons of that old OVBlogger spark from today onward.

And let me leave you with a great pearl of wisdom:

Use a hacker-safe password on everything you do. Even if you don’t think anyone would bother, they will.

Just because they can.

And hey, dork. You won’t stop me. I’m just like you. I’ll find another server and just set up my blog elsewhere. I’m not afraid of you.

So Kiss My A** in a very big way.

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We're back, but not totally ready

Some hacking pig got into my server and deleted all of my databases, including my blog. Not to worry, I have backups… They’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, I’m afraid.

Thanks for hanging with me.