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Four Hot Tips for A/B Testing

Something that many of my clients neglected before I came along was testing. They didn’t have any idea how to accomplish it, or even that it was important. Yet, when I explain the benefits of testing to them, they’re all about learning more and fast! Why? Because testing = more money. That’s it! You should […]


5 Hard-and-Fast Rules of Networking

Networking is just as important online as it is offline, and many marketers just don’t get that. They never go to live conferences where they can meet people. They just sit at their computer thinking they can go it alone. You gotta have friends. After almost 10 years in this business, I can unequivocally say […]


10 Steps Toward Building a Killer Website

Building a killer website involves many choices. The main thing to remember when designing is making your visitors happy, and this is especially true when you’re marketing a product or service. You want to make everything as simple as you can so that your potential customers can navigate through your site and get to that […]


Google: Beware of Snake Oil

Lots of great topics in this video from Google’s Matt Cutts. Check it out: So many ideas where do I start? First, probably with Matt is 100% right. If it seems too easy, step away from the screen. It’s GAR-BO. Plus, if it’s an SEO product, know that we SEO pros don’t generally give out […]


Guest Post: How to Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion isn’t something you think about when starting your business, but it’s something that’s vitally important its health. Here’s more information from my friend Ryan Franklin on what conversion means and how you can improve your site to convert like it’s charmed: How to Improve Conversion Rates Many new blog and eCommerce site owners have […]


Obama Team Knows Marketing

Please never, ever confuse me for an Obama supporter, but… I have always said that the biggest reason he won in 2008 was because he was just a better marketer than McCain. He sewed up the Internet with tweets, a great Facebook page, and a really sharp-looking website that apparently converted like mad. Since the […]