Guest Posting Guidelines

Hi, I’m Pat Marcello, and I’m the owner of this blog. From time to time, I get requests from people who want to write guest posts for my site. I’m open to that, but there are some guidelines I’d like to set for potential writers:

  1. The post must be about SEO or a related field. (For example: SEO Tips for Your WordPress Blog, How to Improve Conversions, or SEO Tools, etc. Even mobile marketing or social marketing have an SEO bearing)
  2. The post must be at least 400 words
  3. The post must be well written, and practice good SEO technique (no keyword stuffing, for example). The quality of the proposed article must be high or I cannot accept your work.
  4. You must contact me HERE to propose the article you want to write. Propose the topic, the length, and show me two examples of work already published online. It can be your blog, an article in an article directory, or any other piece of writing on the Web.
  5. The topic you propose cannot have been covered in theSEONewsBlog within the past 6 months. Please search the blog to learn when the subject was last covered.
  6. The content piece must be UNIQUE. I will not post duplicate content, and if it’s found to be dupe content after publication, it will be removed.

Please understand that I take great pride in this blog and in the content that I provide for its audience. Though I encourage you to submit your work, I cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.  However, I won’t leave anyone hanging. I will communicate the status of your submission clearly, via email.

Also realize that I enjoy writing, and so, I don’t accept a large number of posts for guest posting; however, if you give me something really great, well-researched, and well-written, you’re almost guaranteed a spot.

Thanks very much for your interest! I look forward to working with you!