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Pay for Removing Links? Google Says, “Uh-uh.”

On Friday, Google Webmaster Tools blog came out with a post about new link warnings. They mentioned that the first link warnings were for sites that appeared to have been involved in link spamming or blog networks or other things that Google disapproves of. Everyone knew what they weren’t supposed to do, and Google was […]


SEO Smart Feed

WordPress has become the darling of the Internet. Everyone these days seems to be building sites on the easy-to-use platform, and with that comes the responsibility of having a proper “feed.” This is what makes having a blogging platform as a website so cool because as long as you’re adding new content to your site, […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29 #theSEONewsBlog

How to Structure Your Daily Job Search to Help Land Your Next Job: More About: Jobs, features, job search series… # 4 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Stop Accepting Traditional Resumes: More About: job recruiting, job search serie… # Google Webmaster Tools Adds Advanced Site Indexation Information: Recently, Google announced the addition of ind… […]


Google Panda 3.9 Released

On July 24,  Google Panda 3.9 was released. Again, Google tells the world that it will affect about 1% of searches, and that it mainly targeted scraper blogs. (My word, not theirs) A scraper blog is one where content from another source is posted verbatim. Nothing new is added to make the content unique. Sometimes, […]


Why I Love Raven Internet Marketing Tools

There are so many tools out there for SEO that it’s hard to decide which ones are worth the money and which ones you can do without. I like SEMRush, as you know. I like SEOMoz, too, but the main site that I’ve built my business around is Raven Internet Marketing Tools. It works like […]


Social Media Only for the Young?

Cathryn Sloane at the University of Iowa wrote a post that was particularly insulting to anyone, well… over 25. Sloane wrote, “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25,” in nextGen Journal, and said, “We were around long enough to see how life worked without it but had it thrown upon us at an […]


Social Measurement: Who Cares?

Seriously, who cares if you’re a 2 or a 102 on Klout? Nobody but you! It’s just fun to go to the different measurement sites and see whether you’re the queen or king of the prom or whether you’re that stoopy-poopy scardy beaver that doesn’t want to leave the river. (Yes, Angry Beavers is one […]