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Some Great Google Advice for Startup Webmasters

Google is great about SEO. They even teach people how to do the basics. If you have a site that’s under 50 pages, this video is for you. Check it out: Helpful? If so, let me know in comments. I’d like to know what tidbit was most helpful for you. Google is on my bad […]


Google Voice: Are You Using It on Your Site?

Today is my birthday, but I’m going to give YOU a gift — Google Voice. For many of us who work from home, the thought of adding our personal home phone number to a website is daunting. Countless B2B solicitations, unwanted callers, and cranks that you’re not interested in hearing from are some of the […]

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Google Updates for May 2012: Linking, Anchor Text & Freshenss

It’s that time again, when Google publishes the changes it made to its algorithm, and if you’re smart, you’re paying attention. Some of the 39 changes last month aren’t something to worry about. Yet, some of the changes are things you should be aware of. Here’s a sampling of the changes, but if you insist […]

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Google Webmaster Tools Adds New Fuction

If you have a Chromebook, like I do, or you live on your ipad or other tablet computer, you may sometimes find it hard to do the things you want to do. I know I did when I first got the Chromebook, but now, I’ve made inroads into finding other ways to do things in […]


HARO & Reporter Connection: Other Ways to Become the Authority

It’s no secret that link building has become very difficult. Not only that, but you have to worry about things like the distribution of your anchor text, follow or no-follow, and well… it’s getting to be a real pain in the butt. Isn’t it? That’s part of the reason that building your “authority” is uber-important […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-03 #theSEONewsBlog

@WarrenWhitlock Nice! Hope you're having fun. Stayed there often when lived in CA. Now in FL, & we're being bombarded by Debby today. Argh. in reply to WarrenWhitlock # We're being rain bombed by Debby. It's WET. My cat is NOT at all happy. 🙂 # We're in the grips of Tropical Storm Debby […]


Google Plus: Why Is It Important?

People still haven’t figured out that Google Plus (Google+) is cool. Not only is it a fun place to be, it’s a site you can’t ignore if you want to have extra clout with Google. It’s like they’ve taken the keywords people type into the search bar out of Google Analytics, if you’re not running […]