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Backlinks – Other Ways to Get Them

I was reading an article today from Debra Mastaler at LinkSpiel, entitled, “How a Twitter Pout May Lead to a Link.”  It talks about an email she got from someone who apparently follows her on Twitter, but whom she doesn’t follow back. The email basically told her to follow back and the person would continue […]

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Yahoo Axis: A New Way to Browse the Web

Last week, Yahoo — who as a search engine some had dead and buried — just came out with a new way to browse the Web, called Yahoo Axis. This Web browser will allow you to sync all of your browsing data among iPhone, iPad, and laptop or desktop computers. It’s pretty cool. I know […]


Introducing “Google Webmaster Academy”

Last Tuesday (May 22, 2012), Google announced at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that it had opened a new service, geared for folks wanting to get better at optimizing their sites for search. Google Webmaster Academy says, ” Our goal is to help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.” […]

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Storify: Great, but Not for Blogging

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27 #theSEONewsBlog

Kodak Image Sharing and Storage is Dead: 5 Alternatives: As part of Eastman Kodak’s efforts to be a much sli… # ‘Feel Me’ iOS Texting App Gives You a Direct Live Connection [VIDEO]: Videoconferencing apps like FaceTime give … # 12 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems: You filled out […]


Google’s First Penguin Refresh Last Night


Google: The Knowledge Graph

I guess I was wrong about Google not adding a sidebar. 🙂  This is very cool. Watch this video to see what Google is up to now: Wow… When I was researching my books, this would have been so helpful! Instead, I’d have to order books, search hours on end online and pull my hair […]