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Internet Marketing: How Do I Create Steady Income?

So, Tellman is in Malaysia, and I'm guessing he's standing in front of a golden Buddha. He's over there with the monkeys have a good time, but it still didn't keep him from answering a great question: How do I keep the money coming?   And there you have it. Tellman & Shawn Casey taught […]


Blogging: How to Install a Custom Header in Thesis

Man-o-man, you know how they say that "Thesis," the WordPress theme, is so freakin' awesome? Well… I personally think it's a pain in the butt. With standard blog themes, you have a chance to edit the pages, and after blogging for so long, I'm really used to that. Socrates allows you to make changes much […]


7 Secrets to a Better Blog

Over at Copyblogger today reading a guest post from Dean Rieck, entitled "The 7 Secrets of Running a Wildly Popular Blog."  And of course, since all us bloggers want just that, my eyes were glued to the screen. Did I learn anything new? Not really. But Dean wrote an amazing reminder for those of us […]


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25 #theSEONewsBlog

Top 20 Sites to Improve Your Twitter Experience: “140-character status updates to a network of followers.” That ma… # Performance Marketing Expo in Miami:  Zac Johnson : Lebron James isn't the only big name to hit Miami, Florida thi… # 5 Awesome Apple iPad Mods [VIDEOS]: There seems to be something about Apple’s […]


Tynt Insight: Fight Back

I was reading blogs today over at, which if you don't know about it, it's a very cool site. It takes your favorite blogs and puts titles from them all on one personal page so that you can scan and read thought very quickly. I read 21 different blogs, so it's a real time […]


SEO Heads Up! Get This Free Report

You know, I am amazed sometimes by people who don't see the significance of SEO. I mean, it's not that hard to make some small tweaks to your site so that it's SEO friendly. Neither is it terribly difficult to get quality backlinks to make spiders happy. I teach you all about this in my […]