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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31 #theSEONewsBlog

complete and total website crash # Apple CEO: Google Wants To “Kill The iPhone”: According to a hearsay report in Wired, Steve Jobs allegedly said th… # This Week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace: New listings placed this week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace: … # Installing Android development environment on Ubuntu 9.04: […]


SEO Redirection

How many times has a search spider visited your blog to find something missing or in the wrong place? This can happen if you somehow lose content, delete content on purpose, or move your blog. The search engine spiders will continue to look for old pages, and when they find them missing, they don’t much […]


Search News for Chefs and People Who Love Food

So, please forgive for not posting yesterday. I had to buy a new computer and of course, it was Windows 7. Guess what? NONE of my old peripherals work with it, so the new computer expense doubled. Had to get a new web cam, a new router, a new wireless adapater for another desktop, and […]


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24 #theSEONewsBlog

This Week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace: New listings placed this week in the ShoeMoney Marketplace: Unlimited Pres… # @susiq2 welcome… a real tragedy, eh? in reply to susiq2 # Satellite Images Of Haiti Earthquake From Google & Bing Maps: Both Google Maps and Bing Maps offer ways to see the… # Ballmer Critical […]


Kick-Ass Social Bookmarking Tactics You Need to Know About

This is something I wrote that Danny made his own: If you like these videos, Danny’s making one just about every day… Run over to You Tube and subscribe to the OEVideos1 channel! Danny has a way of making some pretty otherwise “dry” material special. And we love him.


Open Site Explorer… Time is running out!

I love new tools! And I especially love new tools that give you cool information. It’s important to know how to boost your site in search relevance, and this new tool can help you to do that. SEOMoz has just come out with “Open Site Explorer,” a “Link Popularity Checker + Backlink Analysis Tool. You […]


Google Gets Synonyms

Why are we not surprised?  On Google’s blog today: “Helping Computers Understand Language,” there’s an article about how their robots can understand synonyms. Well… Who didn’t know that? For a long time, SEOs have been saying that Google spiders had the ability for latent semantic indexing or LSI. This is proof positive. Google can understand […]


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