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PDF Unlocker

Oh, this is brilliant! Did you ever get a .pdf and find yourself frustrated that you can’t do anything with it?  You can’t copy or paste. Or, maybe it even has a password and you can’t open it at all! Well… that’s not good for people who sell ebooks and locked the .pdf, so your […]


SEO: Even More Reason to Get Onto Page 1 at Google

Google is going the extra step in their search listings, according to the Google blog of September 25: “For most search results, Google shows you a few lines of text to give you an idea of what the page is about — we call this a “search snippet.” Recently, we’ve enhanced the search snippet with […]


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27 #OVBlogger

Chek this out: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20 #OVBlogger: @Vearor Hi there! @CoreyLewis is .. # This is a great tip: Corporate SEO Services: You would either have to be new to.. Read it now! # Chek this out: Corporate SEO Services: You would either have to be new to the industry or […]


Firefox Add-On: History Tree

You know how much I love things that make my life easier, right? Well, there’s a new add-on for Firefox that you’ll have to try. It’s called “History Tree,” and you can get it here: I think I just fell in love with Norman Solomon, who developed it. (Hi, Norman! Just kidding. Married 36 […]


Twitter News: Watch Out for This Phishing Scam!

Hey, all you Twitter users… Have you heard about the new phishing scam? It happens in your Direct Message box. The message starts out: “ROFL this you on here?” and links to a video site, supposedly. What really happens is that you’re sent to a fake Twitter login page that asks for your login information. […]


Blogging: Knowing What to Write

People often tell me, “I can’t blog. I don’t know what to write about.” And I always go into my spiel about how people don’t have to write to blog. You can talk and have an audio blog. You can make videos to blog, and so on.  Though that’s some help for the reluctant, it […]