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Internet Marketing: When Segregation Is Good

Email marketing is the most powerful tool you have! So, you need to improve the chances of converting with the people that do want to buy your stuff. Join the ListBuilding Club


SEO: Why Use Sitemaps?

Yesterday, I advocated the idea that you should always use a sitemap on your blog to be sure that all your permalink pages are indexed.  But what is a sitemap and why is it so important? A sitemap gives search spiders information about your website. It tells the bots what pages are on your site, […]


WordPress Permalinks: What's the Best Choice?

I can tell you what the wrong choice in terms of SEO is and that’s keeping the “” that is the WordPress default. It doesn’t tell folks or search spiders anything about the post, except what number the post is. Your SEO-friendly permalink will include your keyword rich title as well as the post number, […]


Spider Language Is Taking Off!

Remember a long time ago, I told you about a product that I created with Tellman, called Spider Language? Well, we’ve been working on it and tweaking it and making things all come together. It’s been a long five months as we went back and forth with the format and the set up and whatever… […]


Internet Marketing – All in the List

When I talk to people that are relatively new to Internet marketing, I’m astounded that they don’t see the value of building a list. Your list is the most important asset of your entire business! Without a list, you don’t make money, it’s just that simple. Oh sure, there are some folks that have cracked […]


Internet Marketing: Plugin That Adds Folks to Your List

When I went over to Google Reader to check on my feeds today, I had no idea that I was about to BUY a plugin, but I did. My friend, Brian Terry from ListHero, had shared a cool post from Michel Fortin’s blog about all the plugins Michel uses.  He has a TON of them, […]