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Blog Rush: Bye, Bye Birdie!

You know, I have always been a big Blog Rush promoter. I thought it might be a great way for people to get traffic to their websites, and I’ve gotten my share. I built up a good network there and had tons of points to keep my stuff moving across the widgets all the time. […]


Zimbio Can Be Powerful

So, if you read my blog, you know that I’m loving everything Web 2.0, right? I mean, it’s fun, it’s fascinating… what’s not to like? Last week, I downloaded the Bend the Web toolbar for Firefox, and whoa. Very, very cool. Howie Schwartz & Jack Humphrey teamed up on that one, and it rocks!  If […]


Blogging Mother Lode

So, I’m searching for stuff today and I come across “WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog.” It’s from August 2007, so duh… why I never saw this, I’m not certain. But… wow. Another Mashable killer post! You can find every useful plugin in their list from AjaxWP, which adds Ajax to your […]


Ryan Deiss's Triple MeltDown

Man, I totally felt sorry for Ryan Deiss yesterday when his servers crashed almost as soon as his launch for Continuity Blueprint began. If you watch the video, it was about the load balance on the servers. He was in contact with the hosting company before the launch and planned out everything, except… CRASH! Then, […]


Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

@bonkus Oh goooooddddd… Then, you can help me. # @MichaelDWalker Rob Zombie? I though I was weird! Living Dead Girl… one of my faves. I have a teenager. What can I say? # @FasterWebmaster Whoa, man… You totally do. Great Jack Skellington! # @FasterWebmaster Oh, come on, big guy… You can do it! # @rossgoldberg […]


Twitter Grader: Are YOu Elite?

What’s your Twitter Grade? Mine is 94. That’s up from 87 a few days ago. Some folks really find this fascinating. To me, it’s just plain fun. Twitter is all about having a good time and keeping up with your friends.  But the grade measures your “influence,” or so it says at Mashable. So, what […]


Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

@kylebattis Mega Stars at Tournament Games. It’s addictive. # @andyduncan Have a great call, guys! I’m on the LBC Website Spotlight call right now, just for gold members. Helping some folks with sites # @barefoot_exec Oh sure… Now it’s all Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Get my card? Thanks so much for the Starbuck’s! You’re much too […]


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