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jvAlert End and Theme Cave

OK… You guys happy now? I changed my theme. I kind of like this new one, and don’t plan any changes for a least oh… the next quarter at least. Let me know what you think… Especially those of you who were hating the last one. You’re my review crew! So, got home today from […]


jvAlert Last Day

So, today’s the last day of this awesome conference and I’m totally looking forward to it. First up is Simon Leung, who’s really brilliant. Think we’ll learn something? Hmm… No doubt. And then, one of the nicest people online and off, Mike Morgan. I finally get to meet him, which was totally cool. I’m so […]


jvAlert Smackdown II

So, this is my week for the double smackdown. I type that in all jest, as I know folks are offering some valid criticism and I totally welcome that. So… Now, it’s my theme. Apparently people hate it. Sigh. Not only that, but it’s a total disconnect for my target audience. My site Blogging4Boomers and […]


JV Alert and Ya Got Me!

Yeah. So like, I got the smackdown for not practicing what I preached in a comment from my last post. Ah… So right. I haven’t posted since the 2nd. Here’s why… JVAlert. I’m in Philadelphia right now having a really great time, but because there are so many Internet marketers here, the signal is totally […]


An Essential Blog Traffic Formula

Do you know what a very big secret is to getting traffic to your blog on a regular basis? It’s so simple, you probably haven’t thought about it. In fact, you may be a pretty casual blogger. You do it when the spirit moves you, right? Or when you have time. Well… I’m here to […]


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