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Why New Bloggers Should Participate In Google+

You know that I’ve been saying that Google+ is important for search for quite a while now, right? Well, guess what? It’s important for emerging bloggers, too. Here’s a guest article from my friend Chad Goulde of with some great insights into what will help you build your blog fast: Reasons Beginning Bloggers Need To […]


WordPress In All Its Glory

You’re right, I don’t really like infographics, unless they’re really great. This one is. WordPress is the best thing to happen to the Internet since they turned on the lights.  Every site I build has WordPress under it, be it for myself or my clients, who have been artists, flight chart providers, restaurant and cafe […]


5 Kickin’ WordPress Plugins for Marketers

I always love it when I find some new or even some older amazing WordPress plugins. If they’re older, you need to be sure they’ve been updated to the most current version of WordPress, of course, but plugins allow us to do thing with our WordPress websites that we may have thought impossible. When I […]


JetPack by Rocks

Are you using the JetPack by WordPress plugin on your self-hosted blog yet? If not, you really should be. It gives you some of the functionality that’s included at hosted blogs, but all you really need to use it is a WordPress account to activate it and that’s free. What makes it so totally […]


Feedburner Crashing and Burning Soon… What Should You Do?

Wow… I’ve been depressed for a while now because Google has decided to close Feedburner next month.  This site was one of those interesting and really cool services that I grew up with in terms of blogging. I knew that if I had a Feedburner feed, my feed would be cooler than the other kids’. […]


WordPress: How to Discern a Theme

Have you ever been to a website and thought it looked bomb? You want your site to look the same way or very similar, but you’re not sure how to duplicate the effect. Well… If it’s a WordPress site, it’s simple enough to figure out.  You simply need to pull up the source code and […]


10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Anyone who knows me understands why I blog. Blogging is like having an insurance sales job. It pays residuals. The post you make today can be driving search engine traffic for years to come, and as long as you keep adding quality content for your readers, your traffic will build continually, as long as you […]


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