Cool, Cool Stuff Going on Here at JVAlertLive


So, like we’re creating a product here. Everyone is working on it from Ross Goldberg to Eric Holmlund to Mike Paetzold and Steve Roye, to Eric Stafford… A whole BUNCH of very smart and very cool people. This is one of the sweetest deals you’ll ever find, too. It’s not ready yet, but listen…

Come back in an hour or so, and you’ll get $5,000 + worth of IM stuff for just $7.

Yes. That’s right… SEVEN bucks! So, skip a Starbucks. This is way better for you and won’t put on the weight like a frappacino (my nemesis) will.

Oh, and did I mention that whatever Joel Comm makes from this goes to charity?


Come back, check this out. You’re gonna flip!

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