SEO: The Most Important Parts of Your Page

So, I’ve mentioned this before. The title and description are the most important parts of any web page when it comes to SEO.

They’re also the most important part of any blog post, if you want to get your posts ranked in the search engines. But did you know that there are two different ways you need to think about this when blogging?

When we’re talking about your blog as a whole, the title should be your keywords, linked together by dashes. This is how you want your general blog title to be, which you set up in the “Settings” tab.

You’ll notice that my blog title is “OVBlogger: SEO News – WordPress – Marketing Blog” These are the three keywords I’m working on getting ranked for now, and the title is 48 characters in length.

Did you know that search engine spiders will only read 65 characters of your title? Yep. Be sure that you’re using your three most important keyword phrases in your blog’s title and that they don’t go over the 65 character limit. Use your most important keyword first, the second most important keyword second, and so on.

Then also in the settings tab, write a good keyword rich description (tagline) for your blog. What’s it about? Write it naturally, but try to avoid using stop words like a, the, an, for, etc.  Mine is: “SEO news, WordPress, marketing blog from Pat Marcello” I’m the least important part of that description, but I want me to show up on the front of my blog, right? The spiders are seeing what I want them to see but people know what my blog is about and that I’m the one writing it.

But with a blog, you also need to think about the title of every post.

Each post is like a page in your site. (Not to be confused with blog pages, which are also pages in your site, but have a different purpose from posts.) But, you also want people to be interested enough in your title to want to read them, so linked keyword phrases won’t work.

What I do is to put the most relevant keyword into my title first.  In this case, it’s SEO because my post is about having a search engine friendly title and description. But, I follow that keyword with a title that might entice readers.

As with any web page, the title and description are crucial to search engine ranking for your posts.  Be sure to use the plugin All-in-One SEO Pack so that you can add specific title and description to every post you make and then, write post titles and descriptions that are keyword rich and will work for spiders and people alike.

When in doubt, always please your reader first. If folks don’t enjoy reading what you write, no ranking in the search engines will help you.

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