Three Important Keyword Research Strategies

This guest post from my friend, Ness, talks about keyword research. I just wrote a post for the SEMRush blog that pretty much indicates that keywords are going away. And yet, we can’t get away from using them still. The article explains why.

But… Do you know how to perform keyword research properly?

Improve Your Online Traffic with These 3 Keyword Research Strategies

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No matter how much effort you put in building your website, if it is not visible to search engines, then it’s still as good as nothing. You should know how to properly optimize your website to rank high in search engines and get more traffic.

Researching keywords is a necessary part of any SEO or keyword strategy. Without the proper research, you are blind to the statistics and could be choosing keywords that have absolutely no traffic, or you could be choose extremely popular keywords that are going to be impossible for you to rank for. Either way, your keywords won’t be giving you much traffic. Instead of trying to guess your way to success, let’s go over a few different strategies that you are going to be able to implement into your SEO campaigns.

Targeting Terms Based on the Searcher’s Intent

The first strategy you should be researching is figuring out what the actual intent of the search is. Whether or not they are attempting to accomplish something that will be profitable or promote growth should be one of your biggest concerns.

For an easy example, let’s imagine that you own a retail website that focuses on selling guitars. There are going to be plenty of different keywords you can choose from. You would have much better success at targeting a phrase such as “Good deals on Guitars,” rather than focusing on “pictures of quality guitars.” The difference between the two search terms should be pretty obvious, the second term’s goal is to just find some pictures and do some window shopping without any intentions of ordering a guitar. The first search term says that the searcher is in the market to buy a new guitar, they are just waiting for the right deal before they make that purchase.

You are going to run into an incredible amount of different keywords. Don’t target those that won’t help you to achieve your goals. Understand exactly what it is that the searcher wants with the words they are typing.

Targeting Terms That Have Winnable Battles

Another aspect of keyword research you will have access to, is finding out how much competition you will be going up against. A good strategy to use when trying to find a good keyword is to find one that isn’t as popular, but doesn’t have much competition either. It might not get as many overall monthly searches, but it will be able to provide you with easy rankings, giving you much more traffic than the other option would.

The easier it is to rank, the less work you will have to do to see that traffic come in. Some larger companies don’t mind trying to target keywords that have high competition because they have enough resources and manpower to be able to effectively campaign towards it. Unfortunately, most of us won’t have enough time or money to be able to launch full scale campaigns on highly trafficked keywords that all our competitors are trying to rank on.

Targeting Multiple Long Tail Terms

The last strategy we will be covering is making sure not to just limit yourself to a few keyword phrases. Some companies have targeted millions of keywords to get themselves successful, so don’t expect a few keywords will get you an unbelievable amount of traffic. You should be looking for as many relevant keyword that can help you achieve your goals as you can. The great thing about keyword research is that there is the “long tail,” which basically means the less popular search terms. Like we just went over, it is best to try and focus on keywords you will be easier to rank for. Luckily for us, the majority of all searches on the Internet are long tail searches, so we have plenty of keyword phrases to choose from.

If you are just starting out with SEO, keyword targeting, and keyword research, it is understandable that all of this might seem a bit confusing or unnecessary,  just to gain rankings. Yet, after doing it for while, you will realize that it is actually pretty simple and it makes all of the difference in the world to your website. It just takes a lot of time, patience, and content.

There are plenty of different keyword strategies out there and as you get more and more advanced, you will learn them, and may decide to implement them. Until that happens, these 3 strategies should work well for you.


This is a guest post by Ness – a blogger and a freelance writer with an extensive experience in SEO and internet marketing. She also writes for a web hosting review site called MakeAWebsite. Visit their website to have a closer look at the performances of well-known hosts in the industry.