Sheer SEO: A World of SEO Amazing

From time to time, I’m asked to evaluate SEO websites.  I try to do it when I have the time because often, I stumble upon great new tools to implement in my business.  A couple of weeks back, Roy B. from Sheer SEO sent an email and asked me to check out their site. I’ve had some killer work to do and then, had personal reasons for being off the grid, but I’m finally getting to check the site out, and. well…

WOW! I am impressed!sheer seo

Sheer SEO software takes you places where many tools do not, and I’m talking supplemental index information!  (If you don’t know what that is, the supplemental index is where you probably don’t want to be.  It’s a collection of pages that search engines deem to be too old, too ugly, or too unworthy to be in the main index. You can still see results from the supplemental index, but only if the page is specifically requested or if there are few results for the search query and the main index has run out.)

But Sheer SEO is so very much more than just supplemental index information! Here are the topics this site covers for the domain you choose to evaluate:

  • Keyword rankings, both current and historical
  • Page rank, current and historical
  • Main referrers (Sites that send you the most referral traffic): This is too cool. It shows you the page rank of the referring site, whether follow or no follow, and even how much link juice you have from the link on the site that’s referring. Pretty nifty.
  • Number of back links, current and historical
  • Twitter Information, current and historical
  • Facebook Information, shares, likes, and comments
  • Social Bookmarking Information
  • On Page SEO: Keyword density, for single, double and triple keyword phrases, and you can create a content benchmark analysis for keywords you’re currently employing. Here’s what they have to say about this option:

Content Benchmarking is a way to suggest how to improve the content of a webpage by comparing it to the leading results from Google for a given keyword.

“The idea behind this feature, is that you probably want to cover the same content that the leading URLs have.

“We ask you to chose the keyword that you want to optimize and the URL within your site that should appear for that keyword in the search results.  Once you fill in those details and press the “analyze” button, we compare (benchmark) your URL against the leading URLs in Google for that keyword.”

Pretty cool, though I’m not sure how much density means anymore, they give you ideas for

  • Indexed pages, current and historical
  • Pages in main and supplemental index
  • Guarded Backlink Checker: Let’s say you’ve paid for a link (But OH NO! We never do that!) or that you have a link that’s really important to your SEO well-being, you tell Sheer SEO what that link is and they monitor it for you and alert you if the link changes.
  • Directory Submissions: Yes, believe it or not, some directories are still valid for backlinking. Just be sure that they’re human edited and not a bunch of spam links. Sheer SEO will give you a list of directories that are germane to your niche or that are generally good to be in. They allow you to set up a profile, and then, you can just click the directory link and have them submit the profile for you. I’m not sure I’d use this, aside from the list of directories (which is extensive and provides pertinent information about each directory). Sending duplicate information isn’t really all that helpful, at least to me. I prefer to add unique content, even in this regard. Your call.
  • Blog Reviews: This could be awesome! You’re able to fill out a form to invite other blogmasters to create a review of your blog on their site. Then, the Sheer SEO system finds relevant blogs in your niche to approach and submits the requests for you. Awesome!

If you’re into SEO or you want to be, Sheer SEO is an amazing website to check out. I use more than one tool for tracking my sites and my clients’ sites, and I’ve just added Sheer SEO as one of them.

Plus, the price is right. You get 2 full months of free to start and then, depending on how much power you need, you pay only $7 to $40 a month, USD.  Knowing that sites like this can be MUCH more expensive, I really think this is a bargain.

Of course, the more you pay, the better your subscription becomes. At the $7 or “Light” level, for example, you can only make 5 directory submissions, but at the $40 or “Professional” level, you can make 100. Plus, from the “Advanced” Level ($15/mo.) you get to integrate Google Analytics and get a couple more perks, but at the pro level, you get everything they offer, including competitive analysis.

If you’re an agency, like me, there are plans for multiple domain monitoring, too, which range from $49  (10 domains) to $199+ a month (50 domains).

If you’re still not convinced, here’s something you can try SheerSEO new backlink checker – Enter the domain you want to check out and you’ll see Inbound links, top pages, and other information that’s helpful for evaluating a potential client, competition, etc.  Yep… It’s free.

I have to tell you that I was asked to write this review in exchange for a free account, which is great motivation. 🙂 But I wouldn’t do it, if I thought the tool was crap. I turn requests down all the time, too. But with this offer, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Check Sheer SEO out for free for 2 months. You have nothing to lose and lots of cool information to work with. I’m guessing you’ll quickly become a believer. Great job, guys!