Why New Bloggers Should Participate In Google+

You know that I’ve been saying that Google+ is important for search for quite a while now, right? Well, guess what? It’s important for emerging bloggers, too. Here’s a guest article from my friend Chad Goulde of TheBlogBuilders.com with some great insights into what will help you build your blog fast:

Reasons Beginning Bloggers Need To Be On Google+  cat and computer

The principle Google as founded on is as simple as this: Some webpages have more importance than others. But, how does Google decide which are important and which aren’t? Well, basically, Google gives priority to content they believe is the best answer to questions users have in regards to a specific topic.

Online search technology has been completely changed due to the way Google evaluates webpages. Each link that points to a specific webpage is evaluated according to how many sites point to it, and how much Google trusts those particular sites.

Around 1998, things changed again thanks to social networking. Google started judging a webpage’s popularity based on the amount of social media likes and shares received. Social sharing is a very effective way to increase a webpage’s search engine rankings. Since Twitter and Facebook just haven’t been very cooperative with Google, the great Google+ was created as its own social network.

Building Your Google+ Reputation

Bloggers have been using Google+ profiles as verifiable online identities. There are several factors that are of great influence to your Google+ reputation. They are:

  • How many Google+ followers you currently have.
  • How many people have reshared your content on Google+.
  • The amount of +1’s you’ve received from other users.
  • Your activity on Google+, such as how often you post, how often you comment, your reshares and +1 of other’s content.

Today, Google+ allows users to vote for your content with +1 votes. Unlike other Facebook, these votes are not just for the content, but for the writers themselves. Since Google is the guru of search engines, Google+ profiles tend to grow faster than those on both Twitter and Facebook.

Effective Ways to Build Your Google+ Audience

Looking for effective ways to build your online audience in Google+? Well, first and foremost, remember that G+ is another social media platform. Therefore, it should be treated as such. Here are some tips for building your G+ audience:

  • Your Bio – You need to create a Google+ bio that tells who you are, what your business and solutions are about and the content-type you plan to publish on G+. Your bio should include keywords in all sections, including your introduction, education, employment and places sections.
  • Your Relationships – To start, simply search for and follow people on G+ that you actually know. Then, go ahead and find other people to follow based on keywords, interests, etc…
  • Your Content – Create and publish blog posts containing original content, videos and images. Share links to your posts on Google+. Your content should have headlines that are attention-grabbing, with brief descriptions of the content. And, to encourage comments, end your blog posts with intriguing questions.
  • Your Comments – Commenting makes you more relevant in Google+. Leave comments anywhere and everywhere, making sure they’re relevant to the content. Ask the audience thought-provoking questions that they can’t help but to answer or comment on further.

This content was written by Chad Goulde of TheBlogBuilders.com. Interested in even more valuable resources and tips for promoting your blog through social media networking? Contact Blog Builders for more information today.