New Panda and Penguin Web Spam Updates Imminent

During an SMX  West panel this week, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, said that we’re going to have a “large Penguin update” in 2013.  Previously, we had one in May 2012 and one in October, and each targeted different aspects of what Google considers to be Web spam.spam casserole

One of the BIG issues for Google is linking schemes, and lots of blog networks and link wheels were targeted in 2012.  Apparently, there’s going to be a major link company to be Google smacked next time around. So, if you’re buying links (you’re nuts) or you’re involved in any kind of link spamming, look to be crushed like a grape.

Another Panda update is coming soon (Friday, March 15 or Monday, March 18), too, so if you notice changes in your rankings and traffic, that could be one reason.

If you don’t think this stuff will hurt you, think again. We were hit hard by Penguin last May for no apparent reason, except that we talk about SEO Link Vine, which was a blog network that worked really well to get your articles ranked in Google. Google hateses that. So…

Plus, there are probably images on this blog that have copyright issues (Who knew about such things years ago?) and only the Google ghods know what else.

I have no time to mess with the issues that could be causing the problems, including the EMD (exact match domain), so I just went over to my branded site and I post there instead. If I had time to scour 1,200+ posts here, it would so be worth it. But… some day I may do just that. Until then, visit me at

Over and out! Batten down the hatches.

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