Guest Post: 4 Business Lessons From Google CEO Larry Page

This guest post is from my friend, Tom Jones of He’s got some cool insights to share from Larry Page:

4 Business Lessons From Google CEO Larry Page

Larry page officially took over the reigns as Google CEO in April 2011 replacing then CEO Eric Schmidt.

Most consider Schmidt as the caretaker CEO that was just warming the seat until Page grew up, learned to deal with the media and increased his confidence with the general public.

The Google co-founder immediately embarked on streamlining management ranks, jettisoning non-essential products, increasing the company’s competitiveness among a host of other changes. While page has spent most of his career at Google, his leadership style is increasingly becoming more apparent ever since he became the company’s chief executive officer.

Below is an outline of 4 business lessons you can adopt taken from Page’s lead.

Pay attention to crazy Ideas

Page has been referred to as having “a healthy disregard for the impossible”. For Larry, it is the crazy ideas that eventually go on to become game changers.

Page explained to graduates of Michigan University on how he first dreamt of downloading content all over the web and keeping links. “When nobody else is crazy or daring enough to do it, then you will have little competition,” said Page.

The Google co-founder also revealed how he pushes his staff to come up with products that are 10 times better than competition. In a nutshell, page urges teams to believe in audacious ideas that can change the world positively.

Google now has a suite of over 100 different products that are available for use. A testament to Google’s say yes attitude.

Think Big….Really big

Larry page believes in ideas that can have a big impact to the world. He insists that all new products pass the “toothbrush test” that all new Google products must be important enough that they will be used twice per day.

“I don’t think there’s an example from history I can take or another company and say, ‘Why don’t we just do that?’ says Page.

Google is not shy of taking on massive projects. The initial notion that Google was to archive the worlds information has expanded into a massive array of products and services that include:

  • Google Search
  • Gmail
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Google Fibre
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Goggles
  • Google Cars
  • Google TV

For a more detailed list of Google products and how they are used check out this article.

Their new project, gigabit fibre network and the self driving car is no exception to that. In facto google’s self driving car can now be legally driven on the road. How cool is that!


Hire the best and don’t let them leave

Larry page believes in hiring the best talent to make dreams a reality. The dynamic CEO has been involved in recruiting the best brains since Google began.

Google’s very first employee, Craig Silverstein, is still at the company. Notably worth about $950 million and currently director of technology.

Under his watch the company continues to scout bright and talented graduates to join Google. Some of young bright students page recruited years back are now very successful in their respective fields.

Judging by how Google has grown since 1998, then it is safe to say that hiring the best talent is vital in determining it’s success.

Continually improve products

Since he took over the reigns at Google, the search giant continues to improve its existing product portfolio. For instance, he has overseen the improvement of products like Gmail, Google Search and the Android platform. Products continually get improved and search continually gets updated. This is a big part of their success as bing and microsoft continually encroach on their market share and new competitors like Facebook keep Google on their toes.

Larry told a packed audience in Europe that he continues to oversee the improvement of Android platform daily. “It definitely continues to work better every day” said page. “Judging by the level of improvement we see on Google products since he took over Larry has definitely made an impact” Said an observer.

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