SEO for 2013: Go Enterprise

Enterprise is often an intimidating term. Enterprise is normally assigned to big business, right? I mean, when you think of “Enterprise,” you think of brands that people recognize and large companies that often make it to page one in search. Is that you?

English: Federated Search Engine Diagram

English: Federated Search Engine Diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Probably not.

I know it’s not MagnaSites — yet. But we’re working at building a company that will one day be a better recognized brand. And that’s what you should be doing, too — going enterprise.

I read Search Engineland’s news daily, and today, there’s an article by entitled, “What’s in Your 2013 SEO Playbook?” In it, Schmitz talks about how search has changed fundamentally this year. We talked about that some yesterday when I mentioned that keywords were dying. But Schmitz is telling people to get up to speed. You need to realize that what worked yesterday won’t work today, and worse, the things you are doing, though they were perfectly OK just a short while ago, may now get you into trouble.  Schmitz wrote:

“The vision search engines endorse, and their ability to enforce and execute that vision, grew dramatically closer. And, while the search engines’ algorithms evolved, so did their internal analytics, which means they can make more data-driven decisions.”

So, as I’ve been saying, it’s no longer possible to fool the spiders. Don’t even try.

Go Enterprise

Another thing that Schmitz recommends is going enterprise, which involves setting up your business NOW so that when you do hit that enterprise state, where your site has thousands of pages, rather than just a few, they’re already optimized for clean navigation and have all your internal linking squared away.  Make sure that every page you add to your website helps your SEO. Sure, you still need to use keywords, just don’t overdo.  And…

Work toward becoming a brand. The days of EMDs (exact match domains) are over. So, instead of worrying about your URL matching your business, worry about making your brand more important.

For that reason, in 2013, I plan to post here less and start concentrating on my MagnaSites brand.  You’ll still get great information, just in a new place. I want to make that brand and the website that is attached to it my most important property online.  I actually did away with several of my domains this year in an effort to focus more here. And then, Google started liking brands better than topics.

But you see, I plan to be helping small to medium businesses get the traffic they need and be the marketing consultant they need over time. It’s really who I am now, more than just an SEO, I’m moving into being an all-around marketing advisor for my clients and I want MagnaSites to project that for me. So, things are changing. This site will be here, still full of information, but I won’t be posting here. I’m going to focus on my brand.

That’s what you should do, too. Start thinking about your brand, not squeeze pages and sales pages, which Google more or less considers spam, BTW. Make your brand more important by creating a place on the Web for it. Project it, publicize it, and advertise from your brand, not you (unless you are your brand, of course, which I have been for a long time). Google is treating brands better these days.  It’s just a new way of thinking and doing.

How we do business online is constantly shifting and changing, and we have to change with it. Here’s to a happier and more prosperous 2013!

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