How Google Is Changing Search

I was just over on Web Pro News’ forum answering a question from a webmaster about how his Google traffic dropped off over the past couple of months, and he couldn’t understand why.skull in the desert

He has a very nice looking site, and it’s nowhere near being spammy, but Google might think so because there is way more code on his page than text, like 92% code and 8% text. When spiders see that, it could make them think you have a crappy site. I mean, face it, they can’t actually “see” what it looks like, so putting things in iFrames, which spiders can’t parse, or just having a lot of CSS on a page can hurt you. Keep your CSS separate if it’s elaborate, and even if it’s not, it still can’t hurt.

But the biggest problem I saw is that the site is a nobody. Google is shifting, and I’ve mentioned this before. If you or your site isn’t queen or king of the prom, you’re going to be toast. Google is shifting to search results that only include the popular sites, hoping to rid the pages of sites that are spammy or just not important enough. IMPORTANCE is the keyword here.

I’ve made lots of predictions here in the past that have come true — social media being a vector for directing search results for one. My feeling, and I’m getting these from the horse’s mouth, is that Google will one day have NONE of us little guys in the results pages. Pepsi, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, Brookstone, and sites with recognizable brands will take the lead. Oh, you might get a Google listing, but if there are sites in your niche that are more IMPORTANT than yours, you won’t be on page one, for sure.  More like page 20 or 100.

Think about it. Way back when Google started it was 1998. The Internet was alive, but Internet business was in its infancy. So, Google needed the little people to make an index. No so anymore. Big brands abound online now and they’re all vying for space that we little guys once controlled. They will always win.

You can get more important by posting everything, everywhere. I mean, add comments when possible. Participate in social media every single day, and be sure to include Google Plus. Post articles on important sites, and anywhere it will help you — news sites, important blogs, etc. AND, engage your audience. You need likes, +1’s, retweets, and repins, too.

It’s like the Walmart of the Internet (Google) kicking out mom & pop stores (Us). It’s coming. And we be like that dead old skull in the desert. If the big brands, the big Internet companies, and the legislators have their way, the Internet we’ve come to know and love will be a whole different world. I hate the idea of that, but…

Notice how Internet marketing — information marketing — has changed in the past couple of years. It’s pretty much gasping for breath. The ability to sell “how to many money online” for millions of dollars is over, even for some of the big names who did it so well in the past.

Someday, Google will be like the Yellow Pages of the Internet.

You heard it here first.