Christmas Goes Social Media

Do you know about Vocus? It’s the marketing and marketing software company that owns PRWeb. Now, I understand that PRWeb is expensive, if you want to put out a press release, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck, it’s still the best press release directory ornament

But Vocus is into more than just press releases. This holiday season, Vocus put out some marketing guides for the express purpose of helping their clients to make more sales in email marketing, social marketing, PR, and search. So, I read through the email marketing guide, which is good, but nothing new.

The social media report spiked my interest when I read, “According to Deloitte’s 2012 Holiday Survey, 48% of shoppers expect social media to play a role in their holiday shopping process.” I mean, WOW! Almost half the people said they will use social media when picking up gifts. How incredible is that? I mean, social media is a relatively new concept. Twitter is only 5 years old. Facebook is 8 years old. How is it that almost half of the people surveyed are looking toward social media to make buying decisions for them?

Think about yourself. What do you buy your teenage niece? How about your grandfather? I mean, think about the most difficult person that you have to buy something for. Where will you start shopping? Online, of course, but will you be using image-heavy sites like Pinteretst or will you be getting recommendations from your friends on Facebook? I’m guessing both. Finding interesting information is what social sites are all about. Why not let your friends do the shopping for you?

And if you run an e-commerce store, or have any kind of product to sell, can you make them social media friendly? Hmm… Yes!

If you have an ebook, for example, get a killer cover designed for it. I looked into a number of different design contest sites for a client recently, and is still the best, IMO. All you need do is describe what you’re looking for in terms of color, concept, size, etc. and explain that you want something that people will “snap notice.” You know that feeling, right? You scroll down, but your eye saw something before the scroll, and you had to snap back and take a look? Make that happen.

Then, put the image of your cover on Pinterest, where people say that buying decisions begin. Tell your friends on Facebook, heck, even get them to help you to choose the winner of the contest. I just did this for a friend. I read the ebook first and gave him my impressions. Then, I was asked to choose a design, but I wasn’t the only person doing it. Market research is crucial. So, it was a perfectly great way to do it.

The Vocus report also points to YouTube to help you market items for Christmas. Nothing can be better than a video for some people. I’m a reader, but many more people are watchers. So, let them see what you’ve got. Also get your video transcribed and add the transcript on YouTube for Google. Search advantage.  Add the video on other video sites, too, but change that title and description on every site you place it. More search advantage.

But get your message out there. Use your email list to get things started, but then, add whatever it is you want to sell everywhere that you can, I mean EVERYWHERE. And here’s a cool thing. Remember we’ve been talking about co-citation, where Google doesn’t even need you to use keywords on a page to rank for them? The more you talk about what you have to sell in connection with your website, the better. Google wants you to “participate in the Web.” (Yes, my line. I hereby patent it.) 🙂

Anyway, DO NOT ignore social media, if you want to make more sales this holiday season. Tell potential customers what you have, engage them and get them excited about it, and then, your Christmas will be a good one, too.

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