SpringPad: Bravo the Interest Graph!

As you know, I like Pinterest and Love It. Both are fun sites where you can post the things you love. I have a bazillion pins on both of those sites, since Love It allow you to import from Pinterest, but today, guess what? I found a new site called Springpad.

Springpad is much like the other Interest graph sites (what Pinterest and Love It are), but instead of boards, you organize your images into notebooks. You can also design the look of your notebook, which is kind of cool and makes Springpad just a tad classier. It’s like having a cover for your board that you choose the color and design for.

But with all of these interest graph type sites springing up around the Web, what the heck besides having fun can you do with them?

Here are some ideas for you that you should pay attention to:

  • Find friends:

This is obviously the first and most important part. I love pinning things and having people like what I’ve pinned and re-pinning. I also love liking and re-pinning their stuff to my boards.

You’ll be surprised to know that I don’t post all SEO stuff.  I wouldn’t do that. But I do post a blog post now and then, if I think people who are following my boards will like it. I do it mainly for social posts because people on these sites obviously love social media or they wouldn’t be there.  But you know what friendships turn into? Links. Sales. Relationships! You know how very important those are right now, right? Plus, they add to your life. One of the reasons I love the Internet so much is because I’m able to connect with people from around the world. It’s awesome!

  • Get ideas about what to write:

Of course I do that! I write a LOT. I’m talking at least an article or six a day, and so for me, finding things to write about isn’t tough. I just scan my email first, since I have lots of newsletters re: SEO coming in. But I also write niche article. If you’re in a niche, what’s cooler than going to a site like Springpad to find ideas on things to write about? Very useful.

  • Sell stuff:

Yes, indeed. I typed that. I wrote about a study not long ago that proved something like 70% of shoppers go onto Pinterest first to get ideas about what to buy.  Selling on any of these sites is easy. Just use your affiliate link when posting the link.  You can do this for Amazon or for whatever else it is you’re selling online. Make sure you have an interesting picture to go along with whatever the item is. These places are all about the visual.

  • Have a blast:

At the end of a long work day, what do you do? I often head over to Facebook to see what my friends are doing. But sometimes, even though I have more than 1,000 friends, I’ve seen a lot of what’s on my home page already, earlier in the day. (Yes, I admit it. I go to Facebook more than once a day. I can’t help it. My friends are amusing.) So, you need something else… right?

Twitter is boring for me. Too much noise to signal. I’m sorry, but there. I said it.

But pinning things like crochet projects I’ve done or some that I want to do soon or pinning my favorite TV show (Boardwalk Empire. currently) is really fun. Plus, the fact that you’re allowed to add a description to what you pin is more writing and more fun for me because it’s usually the short quip that gets the clicks. I’m Irish and snarky to the bone. So, there you go.

I’m not sure how long the popularity of these sites will be. I never even heard of an “Interest Graph” until my friend Dan Stanley mentioned it to me last winter. I immediately had to go over and find out what all the noise was about. Guess what? I learned that it’s not only good business to be involved, in terms of SEO, because everything you do online is important. And I also learned that you can be promoting your business and still have fun.

Girls just want to have fun, after all. Ask Cindy Lauper! 🙂

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