WordPress In All Its Glory

You’re right, I don’t really like infographics, unless they’re really great. This one is. WordPress is the best thing to happen to the Internet since they turned on the lights.  Every site I build has WordPress under it, be it for myself or my clients, who have been artists, flight chart providers, restaurant and cafe suppliers, stock traders, or what have you. WordPress works for EVERY business.

And it’s highly customizable. I love that about it. You can find a plugin for just about anything.  If I want to change something, the first place I head is WordPress.org.  That’s what makes having a WordPress blog on your own hosting account so important. You can’t get the functionality at WordPress.com as you can with your own blog. Plus, WordPress.com won’t allow you to sell things, so if you’re in business, it’s not an option. (And if you’re shaking your head telling me you’re doing it… It’s only a matter of time before they lower the boom and everything you have will be lost.) However, WordPress.com does have its place, too.

Yet, I find WordPress, no matter how it’s hosted very user-friendly. I’ve taught total non-computer people to use it successfully, too. Plus, you can make it look any way you want it to using the bazillion themes, both paid and free, around.  It’s just the best CMS (Conent Management System) around.

We haven’t even talked SEO advantage. With WordPres SEO by Yoast installed and the feed that WordPress comes included with out of the box, search engines love it. How can you lose?

Want to know the best part? The software is FREE. How cool is that? You may want to pay to spruce things up some, but the software comes at zero charge.

Here’s more about WordPress that’s very interesting:

Infographic: WordPress

Source: jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com via Joey on Pinterest

Thanks to Jupiter IM Smart Marketing and to  Joey Bushnell for posting this. I truly enjoyed it. And I LOVE WordPress! Don’t you?