Mobile-ize Your Website

Anyone online today probably understands how important and HUGE mobile is these days. So, why are most websites not ready for mobile? It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I was looking at my clients’ traffic. One site has hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, while another probably has visitors only in the triple digits. These sites are in completely different niches, and trying to accomplish different things. But guess what? When I checked everyone’s stats out in Google Analytics, I found that mobile visitors brought in 25 -30% of their traffic from mobile — across the board. It’s a small sampling, so don’t take that as gospel, but you can look into your own Analytics account and see the impact mobile is making in your business.

Twenty-five to Thirty per cent! I mean, that’s a lot of visitors.

When you’re talking double-digit traffic, the mobile contingent doesn’t add up to a whole lot, but when it’s adding up to tens of thousands of visitors every month, guess what? It’s no different. It doesn’t matter how many people you’re bringing to your website. You’d better be ready when the guests arrive!Mobile version of using JetPack

If you have a smartphone, you know what a pain it is to have to scroll from one side of the page to the other just to read a sentence. If that happens to me, I’m impatient, I leave. I figure if that Webmaster doesn’t care enough to make me comfortable when I arrive, then I don’t want to be there. Does that happen to you?

More importantly, do your visitors think the same thing? How much money are you losing?

Every website online right now should have a mobile version of their website.  Every one!

Having a Mobile Site with WordPress is Simple

It’s really easy if your website if built on WordPress. Just get the plugin JetPack. It does a lot of things, but now, it also creates a really simple, great-looking version of your site. People should easily be able to see your site in their smart phones without a hassle.  You’ll see how my recent post about social signals looks in the image for this page. The letters didn’t scan well, but I hope you get the idea.

This plugin also includes the pictures in your posts and your widgets. So, my optin form and all the stuff you see down the right side are in there, too. It’s very cool.

If you don’t have WordPress, you’ll need a mobile site generator.

If you don’t have a site built on WordPress, you should, but if you don’t, you can create a mobile version of your website in a site that has a mobile site generator. Some of these services say they’re free, aren’t, so it’s hard to find something you won’t have to pay for at all, but most are close to free.

Here’s a few I looked at:

  • MoFuse, with the lowest priced subscription being $7.95 per month, but free for blogs.
  • Wirenode: Free for personal use, premium for business at $6.68 a month. Strange, I know, but it’s really 4.9 euros, so why the odd number, which doesn’t end in a 7 or a 9, oh my!
  • Zinadoo: Free for 14 days, but not really free, though it says it is. Hmm… Deceptive advertising, yes? With web design included, it’s 75 Euros a month, which is around $100.

They all work similarly, but because there are no tables or other HTML conventions in mobile, you have to think like a person building a templated website. Any of these will only let you do so much. Yet, I built a mobile site on one of these a couple of years ago for a client, and I was able to add YouTube videos and do more than I thought. Two years, later, I’m guessing these sites are easier and more powerful.

In any event, you need a mobile site, and in lieu of paying a mobile developer $500 or more to build your mobile site, this could be an answer.

Or, you could move your website to WordPress, get all the SEO advantage, all of the customization options, and even mobile for free. Just sayin’.