Site Speed Testing

Do you know what your site speed is? If not, you should. If you’re interested in competing in for search rankings, it’s critical.  I just tested this blog at and found that it’s 63% faster than all sites online. Yay!Speed

But I can’t take credit for that, solely. I mean, I try to Smush my images to make them miniscule. I use Google libraries to pull javascripts from their AJAX CDN instead of allowing WordPress to use its own, and even with all the stuff that’s on my front page, I still have a fast-loading site because of Google.

If you look at the end of a URL for this blog, you’ll see a string of letters, numbers and symbols. That’s because I have Google Page Speed running. You can get it working on your website, too. Go to Give Google your serving and reference domains and change your CName entry at your registrar and Google does the rest. It does make quite a difference in your page speed.

Plus you can go back to the site and get insights about what’s making your site slow. Page Speed gives you URLs for any issues on your website so that you can go in, fix them, and be even speedier. is a WordPress plugin. It resizes your images to make them small as possible. And you can do it in bulk, so don’t worry if you have tons of images like I do. You don’t have to do each image individually, but it’s a good idea to smush news ones as you load them into your blog. A bulk smush will take a while — like 5 minutes for 163 images. Obviously, if you have more it will take longer. reduced some of my images by 15% or more, some less. And I resize all my images before uploading them. If you don’t… If you just add them from a digital camera or your smartphone, for example, your file sizes are humongous! You really need this plugin, and happily, it’s awesome!

Google Libraries is also a WordPress plugin that you just set and forget. It works in the background to keep you speedy as a cheetah on Starbucks. Yep.

Why is page speed so important? A couple of years back, Google launched “Caffeine,” which was an algo update that takes page speed into account when ranking your page in search. The quicker your load time, the better Google loves you. So, it just makes sense to do whatever you can to get your pages to load more quickly.

Not only that, but your readers will love you, too. Nothing worse than waiting for a page to load. I often don’t wait. How about you?

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