Pew Study: Social Media Demographics

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Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project came out with its latest social network demographics  report last week, and the findings are interesting. Remember a couple of months back when some nitwit said that social media was for YOUNG people? This report totally proves that she’s wr-wr-wroooong.

Pew studied six social media services: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter to come up with the stats, and interviewed 1,005 people over the age of 18. Though this is a miniscule sample when compared to the 2.27 billion people using the Internet in 2012 and the 13+ billion using social media, some of their findings are quite interesting.  Pew claims only a + or – 3.8 percentage point margin of error.

The test was conducted via landline telephones, and asked 1,005 people if they used the Internet at all first. The 755 people who said they did were asked questions about social media, and the answers Pew got may be quite helpful to you in terms of marketing.

Here are some of the statistics that Pew derived:

  • 46% of Internet users polled post photos and videos they have created themselves. (Creators)
  • 43% post images and videos that someone else created. (Curators)
  • 56% of all Internet users are either creators or curators.
  • 32% are both creators and curators.
  • Women use Pinterest more than men
  • Instagram and Tumblr have around an equal male & female user bases.
  • 66% of adults online use Facebook, 20% use LinkedIn, and 16% use Twitter
  • More than half of the people who use Linked in are between 30 and 64, and the largest income group is $75K a year +.

That’s just a short overview some of the data in this report. To download the full report and to draw your own conclusions, you can visit Pew Internet for the full HTML or PDF full version.

I find this type of information fascinating, and if you’re a marketer, it will help you to reach the right audience.

For example, I wouldn’t sell retirement living on Tumblr, but I might on Facebook, since a large section of users is over 50.  Or, if you’re selling gift items related to men, you may be interested in posting images to Pinterest, where women can see your merchandise, since they do most of the buying.

Because so many of us are “curators,” it’s really important to use high-quality, compelling images of your products so that the curators will want to grab them and pin them and/or use them on Facebook or Google Plus, too.

As I mentioned, the study is just another way for you to target your marketing better. Pay attention when these studies come out and read through them. You might find your perfect buyers’ hangout, if you’re lucky.

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