Why I Love Raven Internet Marketing Tools

There are so many tools out there for SEO that it’s hard to decide which ones are worth the money and which ones you can do without. I like SEMRush, as you know. I like SEOMoz, too, but the main site that I’ve built my business around is Raven Internet Marketing Tools. It works like a content management system, a measurement tool, a link-building tool, a keyword research and monitoring tool, and even a social media monitoring tool. Everything I need is right there at my fingertips, and I love it.

Here’s a short video to show you more about Raven:

That’s a tiny taste. I assure you, Raven Internet Marketing Tools does a whole lot more. In fact, I took a trial of SEOMoz when I was deciding which tool to use, and to me, Raven was the better bargain. I do use SEMRush, SEOMoz, and Majestic SEO, but all for different purposes. For an overall management tool, Raven works best for me. YMMV

But I find linking partners inside Raven’s “Site Finder,” and when I’ve found a good site for linking, I can record the place, the type of link, who linked it, and what the contents of the link was. Raven will also monitor the link for me and tell me when it’s active or switched from “do follow” to “no follow” via email.

It’s also great for keeping contacts together. So, if you’re a guest blogger, you can maintain a file that will store the names and contact information for your blogging partners, plus you and others on your team can add notes and other information about what you’ve placed on which sites.

Raven stores the actual content, too. So, each week, I’m also adding articles that have been written for my clients.  When they’re saved, I get information on keyword density, relevance of the keyword used, and a general reading score that tells me who the audience for that article would be. Then, when I’ve placed the article, I can also link it in the Link Manager to show the backlink for that piece of content placed.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Raven also allows me to report to my clients each week on a hands-off basis. I tell Raven how I want the report to look, and when I want it sent out. It comes to my inbox on the appointed date. You can have reports sent directly to clients, instead, and you can brand them with your company logo. Very cool. These reports are much higher in quality and richness of content than those you get from SEOMoz, which surprised me.

Another great feature is that Raven integrates with Basecamp, so if your company is using that platform for communication, there you go!  You can check Google Analytics from Raven, and tweet, make Facebook posts, and monitor your YouTube views, comments, and favorites, too.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools is not inexpensive, but not an arm and a leg, either. At $99 a month for pro and $149 a month for Agency, it’s affordable and really delivers. There’s also an Enterprise option. And when you’re ready to leave, the cool part is that you can export all of your data. I’m not going anywhere soon.

I’ve been using Raven for almost a year now, and will continue to use the site until it makes less sense to do so. Right now, for me, it’s great! And no, I’m not being paid to tell you this. No affiliate commissions, just a happy customer.  Thought I’d pass the info along.

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