Life After AdWords – How to Get Traffic Without PPC

A friend of mine suggested that I write this post, and I thought it was a swell idea. Why? Because most people think that you have to spend thousands of dollars a month, advertising with Google, and guess what? That’s just not true. Getting traffic to your website isn’t rocket science, but when you’re new online, it seems as if it could be, for sure.

traffic explosion

traffic explosion (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Here 5 great ways you can get traffic, without having to pay (or pay a lot) for it:

  • Build a list

Yep… Still the #1 way to bring visitors. By having a list of people, who you feed information to , and who come to know, like, and trust you, email is still king, queen, and the Roundtable.

How do you get a list? Come up with some cool freebie to give away in exchange for people’s names and email addresses. If you look to the left, you’ll see my optin box. It’s right there in your face, so you can’t really miss it.  People sign up every day, and I offer them my newsletter, which has about 50 autoresponder messages in it. That means, when you sign up, every few days, you’ll get a message from me with some bomb information about marketing, the Internet and SEO. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do.

The only time I write to this list, aside from the regular messages is when I want to drive more traffic to my blog. I used to market to this list, but got tired of the “launch” hamster wheel, and now, I’m guessing I write to folks about once a month. But every time I broadcast a message, it brings people to my blog, and some of those become regular readers. The same can happen for you. Build your list, and bring people to your website for special deals, interesting information, or just to stay in touch.  This is your “herd,” as Dan Kennedy calls it. Build it and watch it grow.

  • Blogging & Social Media

Of course, I”m going to say blogging. It’s still a great way to get traffic, and if you tie it into social media, you’ll get traffic that way, too.  Every time I post, the URL goes directly to Twitter and it’s sent along to Facebook. I also post to Google Plus and Pinterest. If you have a killer title, and a good, enticing description, you’ll get traffic from those sites, as well.

Plus, you get search juice.

Google wants fresh, unique content, and every time you write in your blog, you’re providing it. (Yes, I know, Google is being a bitch lately, but well… there ARE other search engines in the world.) Over time, this creates authority, page rank, and more and more keywords that rank in search.  I have 1,000+ posts here now and am ranking for beaucoup keywords.  (I seem to be getting some of my Google traffic back, too. I’ll keep you posted.)

  • Classified advertising

Classified ads in ezines and newspapers aren’t terribly expensive.  If you want to find the best ones and information about how much it costs, where to send, etc., join the Charlie Page’s Directory of Ezines. It’s an amazing resource and you can find free and inexpensive advertising ideas there, no matter what niche you’re in. Sure, you can do big media buys at places like Arcamax, but newsletter advertising can be good, especially when you’re advertising in ezines and newsletters in your niche.

Charlie Page, who’s a really great guy, BTW, also has a great course about this, which I’ve been through. You should check it out because it’s very good. It’s how I learned. Ezine advertising may not be free, but it’s a WHOLE lot less expensive than AdWords.

  • Zemanta

If you notice, the bottom of most of my posts says, “Zemanta.” It’s because I’m using a Firefox plugin called Zemanta, which works with WordPress blog platforms, Tumblr, and other sites where content lives. Zemanta provides a widget in your “Add New Post” area, and it provides images for you to use in your posts. You can search for images, too, if you find nothing that works. Most of them are creative commons license, which means you can use them, but you can’t claim authorship or change them, but many are in the public domain.

But here’s the traffic part — Zemanta offers related articles, and if you sign your blog up, people could add your blog posts to theirs, and you’ll get more traffic. Zemanta also suggests tags for you and gives you in-text links to sites or terms you write about. It’s very cool.

  • Tynt Publisher Tools

Tynt is good for your SEO and for getting more traffic. Why? Because when someone lifts part or all of your content with copy & paste, Tynt adds your byline and a link back to your site. So, people follow those links and here’s a really great thing, so do spiders. You won’t get a ton of traffic from this, but you will get traffic that you didn’t have before and you may be gaining subscribers. It’s free.

Content left my site 75 times in the last 30 days. Thirty-six of those times, I got a backlink. That’s 36 backlinks I never had to find. Sure, some people take the information off, so it’s not 100%, but I’ll take 36 backlinks any day, well… as long as they’re not in “bad neighborhoods.”

So, there you go, Robert! I hope those ideas help. I have more, but well… I can’t have you sitting here reading forever. 🙂

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