Blog with Abandon

Are you afraid of your blog?

I mean, does the idea of getting into the guts of it kind of freak you out?

Well… don’t let it.

I have learned EVERYTHING I know by fooling around with stuff. Seriously. I never had a computer class in my life. But… I can do techy stuff, and often surprise myself by figuring out stuff that people much smarter than me can’t.

So, play with the blog. Get into it and learn every part of it. You can’t kill it, not really. As long as you back everything up before doing things like upgrading, you’ll be fine.

And playing with the themes seems daunting, I know. Did to me, too, and I still don’t really know PHP. But, I can get in and make changes to it so that it does the things I want it to do.


I make mistakes. Of course, I do! Everyone does. Even people who think they know what they’re doing.

But you always have the original files to fall back on. If you screw up your main index in the template, no big deal… just go into your FTP program, delete the one you messed up and replace it with the original that you have sitting on your hard drive, right?

And if you’re so new that you’re still using the Kubrick theme or the other default theme in WordPress, no problem. You can just go over to and download a new copy of WordPress. In the wp-content folder, you’ll find the theme with all fresh pages.

Playing around with codes and stuff can be scary, and it was to me at first, too. But if you don’t get your hands dirty, you’ll never learn.

My hands and fingernails are perfectly black. I do this stuff every single day.

And I’m still alive. :-)

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