Introducing “Google Webmaster Academy”

Last Tuesday (May 22, 2012), Google announced at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that it had opened a new service, geared for folks wanting to get better at optimizing their sites for search.Google Webmaster Academy

Google Webmaster Academy says,

” Our goal is to help you create great sites that perform well in Google search results.”

So, that’s cool. There are too many people walking around thinking that SEO is rocket science. Well, I guess it can be, but for your average Joe or Jane webmaster, it doesn’t have to be.

The first module, “Learn How Google Works,” has four sections:

  1. A video about how search works from Matt Cutts.
  2. A short blurb about algorithmic search.
  3. What about ads?
  4. Openness

Each of these sections has links to further information, so that’s pretty neat. I remember way back when I first started to study SEO, Web CEO had what they called “Web CEO University,” and it was a similar collection of information, though not as well presented and not as up-t0-date, but it gave me a footing. The articles I was able to read there taught me a great deal about SEO and helped me to better understand how it works and why.

But this is really cool. For example, when you click the “More information link under ‘How Search Works,'” you’re led to another page with more video from Matt, information about how ranking works, testing and evaluation, manual control, and Web spam. The information is well laid-out, easy to follow, and very informative for anyone wanting a better education in SEO.

Later modules are:

  • Make Sure Google Knows About Your Site
  • Influence Your Site’s Listing in Search
  • Create Great Content
  • Images and Video
  • Connect with Google+
  • Extra resources

But that’s just the first section of your learning jouney – “Google & You.” There are also sections with the same amount of content for “Webmaster Tools,” to help you to understand and use the information in Google Webmaster Tools, and “Businesses,” that talks about getting a website, Google Places, and more.

Bravo, Google! This is a great new resource that should be very helpful to all webmasters. I hope folks will take advantage of this learning experience. It can only help you to get the rankings you want and all that juicy organic, free, targeted traffic you desire. I mean, really… What’s better than that?

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