Google Drive Has Arrived!

Have you been paying too much for storage/sharing service? Well, on Wednesday, Google came out with “Google Drive,” a less expensive alternative to DropBox and some of the other storage and sharing services.

Here’s a cost comparison:

Google Drive Dropbox
5G: Free 2G: Free 5G: Free
25G: $2.49/mo. 50G: $9.99/mo. 25G: $9.99
100G: $4.99/mo. 100G: $19.99/mo. 50G: $19.99
1T: $49.99/mo. 1T: contact for pricing 1T: $15

When I first saw Matt Cutts’ Google Plus post about the unveiling, Google Drive seemed to be much less expensive. And it is, if you’re looking for 100G of storage or less. That will hold a lot of stuff! But if you’re a business running multiple websites, you might be better off with

Google Drive will work with anyone else who has Google Drive, and Dropbox will work with anyone else who has Dropbox. is different in that you can only share with a link, whereas Google Drive and Dropbox will allow you to share whole folders with other users.

Another bene of Dropbox is that it perks you for referrals. So, if you refer people at the free level, they add 500M storage for everyone you refer up to 16G of extra space.  At the $9,99 level, you get an extra 1G for every referral to that level, up to 32G.

Click Here to Learn More about Google Drive and to Watch the Video:

There are other services out there, too, but I’ve used the ones above. I like Dropbox. It’s great as long as the person you want to share with has Dropbox, too.  But Google is so universal that just about everyone  (at least everyone in business) has a Google account of some kind — GMail, Analytics, or even just Google+, right?  So, it’s easy for them to get Drive and it’s free, at least to start.

Here’s more about it:

Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to download a small app for your desktop, just like Dropbox. Another cool feature about Google Drive is that it automatically pulls in all your Google Docs. I had to delete a ton, but if you don’t use Google Docs all that much, you’ll probably be cool with what it brings to your desktop.

Drive does have a waiting list, and I’m guessing that as more and more people hear about it, it will take more time to get the service. I signed up on Tuesday and got my invite within just a couple of hours. So, go to and ask for your invite today. That way, you’ll be ready to share when the time comes.

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