Google Takes Us Into the 21st Century with the Google Glass Project

Have you seen them yet? The Google Glass Project has produced a modified pair of eyeglasses that have a computer embedded. These are soooo cool, and I totally want a pair. (Google, if you’re listening, I LOVE the Chromebook you sent me! Send me some Google Glasses, K? I’ll be your biggest champion.) 🙂

Anyway, check this out…

And here’s what Solve for X (a site that labels itself “A forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.”) is doing with contact lenses. Wow… I could totally use some of these.

But first, guys, find a way to crank up my bifocal contacts so that I can wear them again. Please? They just aren’t working anymore, and I really, really need them! Really.

Anyway, this is not just fun to think about, Sergey Brin was seen wearing Google Glasses at a conference last week, so I’m guessing they’ll be available at some point. We just have to wait.

I can’t.

Seriously. This stuff is trippy.

However, I just read a book by Whitley Strieber entitled The Key: A True Encounter, about Strieber meeting with an entity that had unlocked the secrets of time and space. This man-shaped creatue tells Strieber that our machines will overtake us, rather Terminator style. Strieber insists that this meeting wasn’t a dream and that he’s not crazy. Several other secrets were unlocked by this visitor, but well… If you buy into the whole Terminator theory, these projects could be a little scary.

Naw… Bring it!

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