Email Marketing Is Well and Living in Your Inbox

How many times have you heard people say, “Email marketing is dead!” I’m guessing I’ve heard it a bazillion times over the past eight years, and yet, people are still making money sending email messages to their lists every single day.

Typical advertising mail

Typical advertising mail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new study from says that more people want marketing messages in their inbox — more than having them on Facebook, more than getting direct mail, and more than on their mobiles, too.  In fact, the study showed that 77% of those surveyed preferred to receive sales messages as opposed to the 9% that wants Direct Mail, which was the next most popular option. Facebook advertising (4%) came in at #4, after text messaging (5%).

I find this interesting. We’ve been hearing about low deliverability, low interest, and low income for a while now, and it appears that the sentiments just aren’t true. Exact target says that their study also showed that:

“…two-thirds of online Americans have made a purchase as a result of email, nearly twice the percentage who have purchased after receiving marketing messages via both Facebook and text messaging.”

Hmm… All that Facebook marketing ballyhoo may be just that. Not sure. I don’t advertise on Facebook anymore, and your results may vary (if so, leave a comment and let us know), but every sale I have ever made came from email marketing. Nothing, including the social sites, gives you that special bond with your audience that allows them to know, like and trust you. That’s what results in sales, at least 7 times out of 10.

These results are interesting, for sure, and if you’ve strayed from list building and email marketing in general, maybe it’s time you took another look. Though this sampling is rather small, as it’s based on a survey of under 1,500 people, age 15 and older, and comes from an email marketing company, which is a tad suspect, the stud is interesting nonetheless.  In my mind, email marketing is still the best form of Internet marketing going, and that includes mobile, and all the other new shinys like Pinterest marketing, which I saw something about the other day.

Sticking to the old, tried and true methods, building your list bigger and bigger, and making that bond with your audience is the way to go. No matter what trends come and go online (and I’ve been around to see tons of that), email marketing is still in your corner. Don’t neglect it, or it will cost you in ways you don’t even realize.

If you want to get this study and several others does by Exact Target, you can click here to opt in for your reports.

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