Web 2.0 Niche Marketing: Come to My Fun Place

No, it’s not in my mind. Really. I have happy places all over cyberspace.

So, OK, you already know that I’m into the SEO, blogging, and IM thing, but did you know that I’m a total cat person? Yep. If I could have a kitty ranch and be a kitty wrangler for the rest of my life, it would make me very happy.

One big problem… I’m allergic to cats. Sigh. So, I have two now (had three once, and that was the most ever), and love them to pieces, but I can never have more than that. I shouldn’t even have one.

Anyway, our first cat, a big orange tabby, was a replacement kitty for one that was lengendary for his exploits and died of old age. I still miss Draco and that was 10 years ago that he left us.

But the replacement kitty is every bit as precious to me, and we call him “Rain Kitty,” though his real name is Fitz. He had a stroke when he was about three years old and it addled his brain. We think he was poisoned, which caused the problem, but he’s uber-cautious and doesn’t cotton to other cats because he can’t see out of one eye or hear on that side, either. So, he’s defensive.

The other cat is a foundling. He was in the bushes in our complex, and though we took him in to find his owners, that never happened. His name is Blue and he’s bad to the bone! He goes into other people’s houses and begs whatever they’ll be willing to give him. But people just love it! He’s like the mayor of our condo complex and everyone knows the blue cat. People say to me, “I don’t like cats, but I like Blue.” He’s a trip.

Yet, he and Fitz don’t get along at all, so all day, we spend letting one cat in one door and the other cat out the other door. It’s been 2 years!

So, if this is an Internet marketing blog, why am I telling you this?

Because you can have any niche you want to have and still make money. You can be in the cat niche, too. Or, you can be in the dog niche, the golf niche, the sailing niche, the cell phone niche, or any other niche where you’re totally interested in the topic.

And when you are, you can build sites in what I call my “fun” places.

I’ve written about HubPages.com before, and I have a site there for my cat interests called “Captivating Cat Breeds.” I also have a wiki about cats at PBWiki. And, I have a Ning site about cats, too. These are all fun for me because I can add articles, videos, polls — whatever. I want to create a fun place to be.

And where do I send people? To my cat store, of course. That’s where I make money from the cat sites. But I could just as easily be selling ebooks, movies, or anything else in regard to cats (and I will be in the future). It’s my fun side.

Just don’t make the mistake of linking your store or the site where you make money to any of your Tumblr blogs because that will get you booted. They don’t like affiliate marketing. So, no problem. Link it to a Squidoo lens and use that to send people to places where they can purchase your wares.

Getting as much content into Web 2.0 can be as powerful as anything else you do online. Just be sure to do some diligent keyword research and to use those keywords in everything you do. Hook one to the other (in a Round Robin, like, not each to each other and back again), and you’ll do well in the search engines, too.

Just decide what makes you happy. If you’re in a niche right now that’s making you money, that doesn’t mean you can’t have another, too. I mean, come on… what’s more fun than that?

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