What Happened in Search for the Week, Ending March 2, 2012?

Barry Schwartz from SEORoundtable.com does a search cap every Friday and puts it up on YouTube. Last week, the big news was Panda 3.3, which had no sweeping changes, and Yahoo hit 17!

Here’s more:

And there you have it! The other thing I thought interesting is that Bing Webmaster Tools opened its API to developers. Bing’s tools aren’t as sophisticated as Google’s, but you can get some quality information about how your site sits in Bing. I’m hoping that it will integrate with other popular SEO tools, and give us the information in one place. Could be nice. 🙂

You can see more about Google’s Panda update here:


And you can check out the news about Bing’s API here:


And it was search week! Who knew? 🙂