SEO Structure Is Uber-Importante

One thing that you may not have considered when starting up your website was its construction. Big mistake for search! The better your website construction, and the easier you make it for bots and visitors to get around, the better off you’ll be when it comes to landing in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

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First, be sure that your primary navigation contains your most important keywords. So, if you’re in the golf niche, selling used golf balls, you might have a nav tab that says “lake balls.” (I have no idea what that means because I’m not a golfer, but a quick Google keyword search showed that had low competition and high search volume.) Another might be “distance golf balls.” Or, you might allow people to navigate via maker. Just be sure that you’ve done some solid keyword research and have a nice handful of keyword phrases you can compete for and use them in your navigation, as it makes sense.

Next be sure to do some internal linking. Be sure that your navigation makes sense by using the breadcrumb method of leading people down a specific path. So, if we start with “lake balls,” it might lead to “southern lakes,” then individual makers of golf balls or to ball composition. Your path could look like this: Lake Balls/Florida/Titleist or Lake Balls/ Florida/High-Spin-Rate balls.

Then, be sure that (and this is very important) the first anchor text link in your content is the keyword phrase that you used for that page.  For example, in the above example (Lake Balls/ Florida/High-Spin-Rate balls), you might say, “High-spin-rate balls are best for…”  and hyperlink the phrase “High-spin-rate balls”. Search robots only look at your first string of anchor text to decide what your page is about. So…

The only thing that can’t be handled by WordPress is the content issue. Everything else is built right in, which is cool. That’s why when design cool websites for people, I always use WordPress as the platform they’re built on. It just makes good sens


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