Danny Sullivan’s Periodic Table of SEO

Here’s a cool info graphic for you that was created by Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand.com. It’s call the Periodic Table of SEO and you can read the full article by clicking that link. Here’s a small version of the image. It looks a little complicated in this form, so be sure to click it to see the bigger picture:

Click on the image to see the big picture

This really simplifies things for you. Sullivan has compiled all of the factors that are most important about SEO and he weighs them for importance. Explanations for what it all means are included, but if you’re into SEO, you probably already understand where he’s going with this just by looking at the condensed area in the center.

But if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to improve your pages for better search engine placement, this will help you a lot.  There’s even a detailed guide about what each of these factors means.

There are lots of stories out there about what’s hot and what’s not. Just looking this over will give you a clearer picture of what action you should be taking to see your pages in search results.

BTW, this is awesome, Danny! 🙂

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