Keywords for Niche or Sales?

People often ask me, “What’s the best way to do keyword research?”

That’s a loaded question. It really depends on what you’re researching keywords for, right? I mean, there’s a huge


difference between doing some preliminary keyword research to find a profitable niche as opposed to finding keywords that you can rank for in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Two very different things.

If you’re looking for a profitable niche, you want to see lots and lots of searches for a term. If there aren’t at least 10,000 people or more looking for a general term for that niche, it’s probably not very good. So, for example, if you look at the golf niche, there are like 55 million people typing something about golf into Google. Great niche!

But if you’re looking at something like jai alai history, you find just over 700 searches. It’s probably not something you want to blog about, unless you’re just doing it for fun.

On the other hand, if you’re researching keywords because you want to rank in the SERPs, you really don’t want terms like golf. With 55 million searches a month, it’s extremely competitive to be conservative. I mean, it will be almost impossible for you to rank, even if you work at it for 10 years. Notice I said almost impossible because I know of someone who actually ranked #1 for that term a few years back. It was all in the backlinks and at that time, almost any kind of backlink was OK. Not so anymore.

Anyway, if you want to mess with a niche like golf, you’ll have to run down the keywords until you find searches between about 3,000 to 10,000 searches a month and then hammer them. I don’t mean to keyword stuff, but use them in your on-page content, in blog posts, in articles, and anywhere you can so that they point back to the site where you make money.

So, before you consider doing any kind of keyword research, first decide what you’re going for. Is it a niche or is it ranking?  If you want to rank, you can analyze your competition and all the other things involved in solid keyword research and find just the right words. If not, just see if people are interested and find niche that will work for you.


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