Google May Be Screwing Up Its Own Analytics

Have you seen an increase in traffic lately? Has it come from Google search?

Be aware that it may not be actual traffic.

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Apparently, with Google instant preview, when someone clicks or rests their mouse to preview the page, it’s registering as a “visit” because Google is actually going to the page to see the preview.

Not good, guys. Those aren’t real visits!

According to John Mueller in the Google forums, they’re working on a fix that will stop the instant preview from registering a visit in Analytics:

“We’re working on a solution for this, to prevent Google Instant Preview on-demand fetches from executing Analytics JavaScript.”

According to SearchNewz, they have already fixed the problem. (Is Google Instant Causing Headaches Among Analytics Users? by Courtney Mills, 11-30-10) However, Google won’t be backtracking to removed these visits.

Duh, Google… I really thought you were way smarter than that.

But you know what? I looked in my Analytics account and it hasn’t significantly skewed my results.  I’m thinking that you’ll only have significant issues is you get MEGA traffic, so it’s not really something for us little guys to worry about too much. Plus, it’s going away. Unless you’re a total stats junkie that counts every hit, it’s probably not much of an issue any more.

Just thought it was interesting and that you’d want to know.  Not really?

Oh… maybe it’s just me. Ha!

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